Channel Traffic -
All the shipping comings and goings in the channel and beyond.

One of the leading ferry operators...running from Dover to both Calais and Dunkirk.

Dover Castle -
Dover's greatest gem..the fantastic Dover Castle which dominates the town. Our ancient protector.

Dover District Council -
Packed website with information on every thing you need to know councilwise.

Dover Town Council -
The official Dover Town Council website for all things Dovorian.

Dover War Memorial Project -
Fully researched information into Dover's military past and on the fallen.

Dover Western Heights -
Fascinating new website featuring the work of the Dover Western Heights Preservation Society.

Kent Police -
Keep topical with Police matters by clicking onto their informative website.

Marine Traffic -
International site showing the movement of ships

A leading and familiar ferry operator running between Dover and Calais.

Port of Dover -
Large full site with all the news, weather, and general information about the Port of Dover.