Monday, 25 May 2020

….. On Dover Seafront
The wild flowers are now in bloom on Dover Seafront as we look across at Arcadia...also in shot bunker ship Andros and to the misty right...Disney Magic. More 'magical' images of Disney below page.
Dover Seafront...wild flowers with Dover Castle.

Sea Pictures from DOVER: Featuring all the ships that come and go and work at the Port of Dover ..
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REGATTA CANCELLED see post 7012 below..
Doug Bannister: Open Letter re Covid-19 Critical Supply from Port of Dover CEO 6968.
PORT OF DOVER donates £40,000 to Coronavirus Fund see 6923

P&O FERRIES 1100 staff laid off and Furloughed to HMG scheme , see 6909.
P&O Ferries secure vital flow of goods, medicines...see below, post 6901.
DFDS Coronavirus announcements below see post 6880 and 6885.

P&O Ferries present record breaking cheque to Dover 6874 below.
P&O Ferries - European Expansion 6867
Hurtigruten and the Port of Dover see 6857...see also pictures in 6856 and 6859.

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DFDS Refit lounges 6821.
P&O FERRIES - POST BREXIT travel info below 6780.
P&O NEW FERRIES Images below 6775...
Port of Dover, DFDS, P&O say...Travel with Confidence from Dover.. see 6786 below.
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Natalie Elphicke MP - thoughts post Brexit 6784
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Post 6889
  Sea News, Dover
Some more pictures now of an approaching and arriving Oceana. The magnificent P&O cruise ship cut a striking image coming out of the gloom here in Dover on... let me see...yes Thursday 19th. Time of first shot above 09:02. Have brightened the images up a tad over reality. Would be nice if these P&O ships came here on a regular basis...

Both P&O...Ferry and Cruise in first shot below etc...
Oceana and the Spirit of Britain
Oceana .. with Wulf 7 and Pilot boat..

The same night but of course pitch dark, the P&O Aurora came in too...being pitch dark no arrival pictures, but here we are below..a standard image taken yesterday looking across at Cruise Terminal 2.

See also Mike's pictures below...taken from on high.. well done Mike. Delightfully gloomy..good info too..Smiley
Thanks again Mark...thanks for all the info...Yes ferries still plodding on...Smiley

Have lots more to come in due course...backlogged.. Smiley

Saturday, 21 March 2020 - 05:56
Post 6888
  Mike J., Dover

Mark - certainly looked like sisters when all I could see was the lights !
Too lazy to research !

Saturday, 21 March 2020 - 01:53
Post 6887
  Mark Rushton, Northants
Eerie photos of Oceana there, Mike. Oceana and Aurora are P&O stablemates of the same era but not quite sisters. Given that Aurora's closest cousin, Oriana, was flogged off to China last year, one wonders in the current climate whether Aurora has sailed her last cruise for P&O. It would be a shame because, as will be evident tomorrow I'm sure when photos appear here hopefully, she's a lovely sleek looking vessel compared with today's ugly monsters. Oh, and let's hear it for the ferries. The world's cruise ships might be retiring to the nearest available bolt holes for now, but the Dover ferries keep plodding on - the wheels of commerce keep on turning....

Friday, 20 March 2020 - 21:22
Post 6886
  Mike J., Dover
Out of Thursday morning’s swirling mist & fogbanks, like a ghost ship, came P&O’s 77,000 ton OCEANA on her first visit to Dover.

A most unexpected visitor with no prior announcement of her arrival although she showed on Marine Traffic’s ‘Dover Expected Arrivals’ page on Wednesday night.

She has come to Dover to lay-up on the Admiralty Pier for an unknown period due to cruise cancellations caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Visibility had improved by the time she crossed the bay & swung & she was quite capable of berthing herself on CT1 without tug assistance & WULF 7 is returning down the Wick to the Tug Haven, passing the listed Customs Watch House.

OCEANA was joined Thursday evening by P&O’s AURORA who is now docked on CT2.
I think that they’re sister ships, both had come up from Southampton.

Earlier, in the pre-morning darkness the BOUDICCA came in at the end of her round-the-world cruise & after de-storing has now left for lay-up in Leith.

From Megger's carpark above the A20 & across the former Dover Marine station building, now Cruise-1.

The lorry park used to be the marshalling yards for the original train ferry dock [now filled in with gravel behind the Customs Watch House] as well as Dover locoshed, all now long gone.

With the SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY - SAGA SAPPHIRE - VIKING STAR laid-up in Tilbury Docks & the MAGELLAN on Tilbury Landing stage for the last five days the cruise industry is going thru a hard time, as are the unfortunate crews aboard.

Early Friday morning the EUROPEAN SEAWAY could be seen, apparently anchored, off Folkestone,.
Her AIS track shows her leaving Dunkirk & calling at Calais before heading on down to Folkestone.

. . . .On the rare occasions when ferries anchor off Dover they usually anchor much closer to Dover,
but perhaps the fishing is better off Folkestone . . . . .

Friday, 20 March 2020 - 02:25
Post 6885
  Sea News, Dover

Newcastle-Amsterdam ferry route temporarily suspended

…Due to the Covid-19 situation, the Amsterdam-Newcastle ferry route will be temporarily suspended
...Last sailing before the suspension will be on 21 March from Amsterdam and 22 March from Newcastle
...Operator DFDS is in consultation with crews on board and staff ashore about the temporary effects on employment

Following the introduction of new national measures intended to delay the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), DFDS is temporarily suspending sailings on its Newcastle to Amsterdam (IJmuiden) ferry route.

The last sailings on the route before the temporary suspension will be from Amsterdam on Saturday 21 March and from Newcastle on Sunday 22 March.

"Customers with a booking are being informed individually about this, and we have decided to continue sailing for a few days more to give travellers a chance to get home," says Kasper Moos, Head of DFDS short routes and passenger business.

"We had hoped to be able to continue the route on the basis of a reduced operation. However, the situation has developed fast, and the recent national measures to slow down the spread of the virus, including travel restrictions, give us no alternative but to suspend sailings until 13 April 2020 as a minimum.

"Unfortunately, this also means that we will need to send crews and staff in Newcastle and IJmuiden home until the route can be re-opened. Crew members will be on board for some days to get the ships ready to be laid up in IJmuiden. We have informed everyone working at the route about the situation and are currently in talks with union representatives and national authorities in the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark and Germany about this and possible schemes to mitigate the consequences on staff. We will be able to share more information next week.

"That we have been able to sail and service our customers until now is only due to the fantastic efforts of our colleagues on board and ashore. They continued working to provide a service to our customers under extremely difficult conditions, and we owe every one of them our thanks and gratitude. I look forward to welcoming colleagues and customers back on the route, as soon as the Covid-19 crisis is under control."


From the Road Haulage Association …..

Drivers Hours regs relaxation .. good news for consumers says RHA


The RHA is pleased that the Department for Transport has acknowledged the vital contribution that UK hauliers play in keeping the economy moving during the coronavirus pandemic by relaxing the Drivers Hours regulations..

Commenting, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: "As far as the logistics industry is concerned, we are working as efficiently and as quickly as the current situation allows.

"Despite the public perception, shortages are not the problem the problem lies with supplying the current unprecedented demand for goods. As a result, the usual efficient and cost-effective delivery schedules have gone out of the window.

"The relaxation in Drivers Hours regulations currently applies to those responsible for the movement of essential items including- food, non-food, personal care and household paper and cleaning products and over the counter medicines. We need an relaxation on a wider basis to cover allparts of the supply chain. But there needs to be guidance as to when and how this will be applied.

"We are living and working in very uncertain times but the nation will always need to be fed. We represent the operators of commercial vehicles who in turn, are responsible for moving the entire UK economy. We will keep working closely with the relevant government departments to ensure that continues to be the case."


Smiley Well done Mike and Andrew re the pictures below...good to see those.

Smiley. Gosh Mark very sorry to hear you have lost your trip on the Fridtjof Nansen...that's tough indeed... hopefully you can re-schedule..thanks also for the info too.

Smiley Yes Vic an exciting new exercise area on the seafront...we've gone very LA. Will aim to get a picture in due course. Thanks re all the info too. Always good to hear from you Vic.

Smiley Thanks Matt from Southampton for the info...very welcome info there.


Thursday, 19 March 2020 - 06:36
Post 6884
  Mike J., Dover

Further to Dave's excellent pix of the SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY taking the NE Spit pilot [post 6878] Andrew Hunphreys was at Tilbury for her arrival.

Passing construction site for the new Tilbury RoRo berth.
Bow tug is RT AMBITION.

Evening 'glint' & swinging to enter Tilbury entrance lock for lay-up & an uncertain future.

Thanks, Andrew !

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 - 23:36
Post 6883
  matcham, dover
Well done to the D.H.B.
MANY MOONS AGO I was a cllr and asked the D.H.B. to put an out side GYM AND THE GEAR and AT LAST THAT HAS HAPPENED SO it is for all ages so please use it it has take a very long time to get one. Also they worked with me to get the R.B.L. Back in the Town and it has now over 100 members at time to get it up and running they give me £2000 to .at a late date the DTC also gave £1000, it is run by some very good ex army lads I am a member but that is all now.
Any way thank you all for the hard work being put in join it is open to all not just ex army, or RAF AND ROYAL NAVY BUT to all members of the public.SmileySmiley

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 - 18:43
Post 6882
  Mark Rushton, Northants
Hard times indeed. Further afield a fair number of ferry links have been shut down like Kiel/Oslo, Oslo/Copenhagen, Oslo/Frederkishavn, Stockholm to Tallin and Riga. Many ferries operating freight only, and truck drivers heading back from Spain on Cap Finistere are restricted to their cabins. And my little trip on Fridtjof Nansen is off - she'll pass Dover tonight heading straight back to Norway having abandoned her last two mini cruises. Boo Hoo !

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 - 18:03
Post 6881
  Matt W, Southampton (
Two P&O (carnival UK) cruise ships to layup during the coronavirus outbreak for a minimum of 30 days.Oceana to arrive tomorrow morning, followed by the Aurora

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 - 16:15
Post 6880
  Sea News, Dover

DFDS announces changes to UK ferry services

DFDS temporarily suspends all mini cruises on the Newcastle-Amsterdam route ..
....and reduces passenger capacity on their sailings to France

• The Newcastle Amsterdam service will continue to operate for those travelling on a transport booking with their vehicles or as foot passengers and bookings will remain available.
• Passenger capacity will be reduced to 50% on DFDS sailings from Dover to Calais and Dunkirk and Newhaven to Dieppe.

As a result of this DFDS will temporarily suspend all mini cruise packages on the Newcastle-Amsterdam route with immediate effect up to April 6th.

Mini cruise bookings up to and including this date will be automatically cancelled with immediate effect and a travel credit will be issued to use on a future sailing. The Newcastle Amsterdam service will continue to sail for those travelling on a transport booking with their vehicles or as foot passengers and bookings will remain available.

It has also taken the separate decision to reduce passenger capacity by 50% on all vessels on the Western Channel and Eastern Channel routes effective immediately also up to April 6th. There will not be a reduction in sailings, the schedules will remain the same.

Onboard all vessels, DFDS have already taken significant measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus / COVID-19 including:

• Hand sanitizer dispensers installed everywhere on the ship for passengers to use.
• Ongoing extra touchpoint cleaning.
• On the Newcastle-Amsterdam ships, King Seaways and Princess Seaways, buffet food will now be served to passengers by staff and no more than 100 people will be allowed in onboard venues at one time
• The ships’ crew is subject to strict measures and hygiene requirements.
• The ships carry a stock of masks to limit the spread of infection, if the need should arise.

DFDS has taken every precaution advised by the World Health Organisation to minimise the spread of Coronavirus / COVID-19 to protect the health of those travelling.

Coronavirus/COVID-19: Read our latest travel updates here:

Read our latest FAQ's here:


Many thanks to DFDS for sending the info through...greatly appreciated.Smiley
You will need to copy and paste those links to see further or expanded updates.

Difficult times indeed.

* *

A couple of pictures now of a departing HMS Kent on Monday morning...

That's Galatea in the distance there I believe, in close attendance at the Varne Lightship, as HMS Kent exits the Port of Dover Monday morning. Time of first shot 09.13.

A final shot of the empty Saga Sapphire...long range pic this time, as she momentarily appears to head South West.

Saga Sapphire.

Great pictures below there Dave, very enjoyable - glad you persisted...yes always best with Dell. I use Dell myself SmileySmiley

Thanks for that information below Ian - very welcome. Many thanks..Smiley



Wednesday, 18 March 2020 - 06:11
Post 6879
  Ian Busby, thurrock (
5 Cruise ships on lay up at Tilbury

Magellan/Astoria/Saga Sapphire/Viking Star/Spirit of Discovery


Tuesday, 17 March 2020 - 20:07
Post 6878
  Dave, Sandwich
Second attempt upload.... Saga's 'Spirit of Discovery' taking the pilot(s) at the NE Spit pilot station en-route to Tilbury for lay-up.

Note to self, use my reliable Dell PC to upload instead of iPad Smiley

Tuesday, 17 March 2020 - 09:15
Post 6877
  Sea News, Dover

Empty Cruise Ship:
A couple of pictures above there showing how depressingly empty/deserted Saga Sapphire is, as she departs for lay up on Sunday evening. Sad to see...but alas the C word has struck the cruise business in a horrible way as we know only too well, as seen in all those news bulletins on TV. The dreaded Coronavirus goes on...
Here she is below exiting the Port and things look almost normal....almost...

The picture below shows another rose...this time Lady Rosebud loading at the new cargo terminal. Only took this pic a couple of days ago...she has left us since and then Lady Rose came in... and now she has left us too. Very fast turnarounds at the new terminal...will have a pic of Lady Rose on her way in due course.
Lady Rosebud loading up...

Many thanks Mike W.. always good to hear from you..Smiley

Sorry your post didn't come through right first glance it looks as though too many pictures were loaded on...I see IMAGE 10 there...which is probably the cause.. Max 5 best. Thanks Dave always welcome..

HMS Kent left us yesterday...will have another pic or two...

Tuesday, 17 March 2020 - 07:06
Post 6876
  Mike Waight, Wiltshire
Ref Post #6862

The MFV Joshua Boy is towing a West Cardinal Buoy.

Monday, 16 March 2020 - 16:28
Post 6875
  Dave, Sandwich
Saga cruise ship inbound for Tilbury Lock to lay up along with the Saga Sapphire, Viking Star and the Astoria.

Monday, 16 March 2020 - 14:39
Post 6874
  Sea News, Dover


P&O Ferries has presented volunteers and officials from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) with a cheque for £14,018.54 at its Dover HQ, beating its previous year’s donation by £495.95. The amount raised by the ferry operator’s employees and customers represents its largest ever donation to the charity.

P&O Ferries has a long-standing association with the RNLI, which is one of its two official charities. Raised through collection boxes placed on all six of its ships serving the English Channel throughout 2019, allowing donations of any currency, P&O Ferries’ own crew and shore staff also added to the total through various fundraising activities.

The latest contribution puts the total amount raised for the RNLI’s Dover branch by P&O Ferries since 2010 at over £111,000.

In attendance at the presentation and the lunch that followed was a range of figures from the RLNI’s Dover branch along with representatives from P&O Ferries. The donation will go towards the vital, first-class training of RNLI’s crew members – which has an annual cost of £1,600 per individual – who work tirelessly to save lives at sea.

James Clapham, Coxswain at RNLI’s Dover branch, said, "We are enormously grateful to P&O Ferries for their continued support and latest contribution. Its valuable donations go a long way in ensuring our crew have everything they need to continue their life-saving work."

Joe Ciantar, Head of Security, Gaming and Financial Services at P&O Ferries, said, "It’s a great pleasure to present the RNLI with a cheque for over £14,000. Given its strong seafaring tradition, P&O Ferries has supported the fantastic work of the RNLI for many years, and it’s thanks to the generosity of our passengers and employees that we have had yet another record-breaking year of fundraising."

For more information on the RNLI, visit For more information on P&O Ferries, visit


Dover Lifeboat in recent blistering action....

Many thanks to P&O Ferries for the latest information above there..
a terrific cause for sure and an absolutely brilliant amount raised....Smiley

* *

Following along from Mike's pix of Skaw we are with a few more.
Showing her arriving on Friday to supply bunker services for HMS Kent...

SmileyThanks Del - all natural moon pix there...had to have a double blink when I saw that first thing in the morning, it looks unreal. The houses are very well presented over there...not sure but I think its Tower Hamlets.



Monday, 16 March 2020 - 07:05
Post 6873
  Del Styan, Norwich
Cracking moon shots there. Looks like you could touch it. Excellent work.

Sunday, 15 March 2020 - 23:18
Post 6872
  Sea News, Dover
As promised there we are with the other picture of HMS Kent arriving ( see also 6870 ) on a very bright Friday morning...picture taken just before she moved across the harbour and into very difficult lighting territory for yours truly's camera. Always exciting to see the ever popular HMS Kent. She is still in Port.

...and here she is below on a former visit...

HMS Kent

Man with a Drone: just before HMS Kent arrived on Friday, two chaps with hi vis Pilot jackets sent this drone down over the Port, over the eastern docks in fact. An official from the Port came at one point so it looks to have been I understand drone flying is now forbidden, if I'm remembering that correctly. This looks to have been okay.

Drone Man.

La Luna : our Lunar Lunacy goes on below.
Moon over Dover. The great orb sinking early morning over the hills behind Dover.
That's Dover Grammar School for Boys to the left in first shot.
She was sinking fast, both pictures taken in the same minute...06.27 on March 9. Took me a while to get them up alas...

Don't go barking now....

Enjoyable info and pictures below from Mike Smiley


Sunday, 15 March 2020 - 07:04
Post 6871
  Mike J., dOVER
Friday morning arrival of Maltese bunker tanker SKAW PROVIDER to bunker HMS KENT.

I missed the arrival of HMS KENT having quite forgotten that she was coming to Dover for the weekend & never spotted her approach on AIS ‘cos she had turned off her AIS.
She is expected to sail on Monday & has now turned on her AIS..

SKAW PROVIDER manoeuvers to come alongside HMS KENT.

WULF 7 has her towline on CORAL MILLEPORA as DOUGHTY returns from a job in Eastern Docks.

The CORAL MILLEPORA eventually sailed, mid-afternoon Friday with the assistance of WULF 7 & is now bound for Lavera, near Marseille.

She is a gas tanker [LPG] & when she swung on departure I saw that she was flying a Dutch flag & registered in Rotterdam, so she's not Maltese-registered as shows on Marine Traffic AIS.
Her brief call was to carry out a crewchange & to take freshwater.

In this view you can see part of the VENTURE with her barge SELINA being unloaded with the rocks being stockpiled until taken by road down to Jury’s Gap.

There was some sort of incident in the boatyard on Friday afternoon with the Kent Police helicopter landing in the yard & as I drove past I noticed Kent Police, DHB Police & Border Force [& dogs] but all looked relaxed so I guess the ‘incident’ was over.
There are videos of the helicopter's take-off & the arrival of HMS KENT on the ‘Dover Straits Shipping’ Facebook page.

As Paul has reminded us, the new DFDS logo continues to spread, with the CALAIS SEAWAYS continuing to display the Maltese Cross on her funnel, for the moment anyway.
I'll rather miss that funnel, but corporate image is everything . . . .

Saturday morning saw the shift of the rock barge from WD5 to the Eastern Arm to permit the reefer LADY ROSEBUD to use the refeer berth.
At 1230 the reefer was a few miles off the port, arriving from Paita, Peru.

Saturday, 14 March 2020 - 13:15
Post 6870
  Sea News, Dover
Yes HMS Kent arrived at the Port yesterday morning just before 10am and there she is above popping into view just behind the Spirit of Britain...very appropriate! Unfortunately .. yours truly was shooting into the blinding light yesterday so the picture is a bit washed out. As she came across the port she became a silhouette. However will have one other pic shortly...needs a bit of anti-light work!

She is open to the public.... but have no details here...Google might have more..

Skipping back to Thursday... and there was a very rough spell indeed. Here we see old favourite, the Calais Seaways, battling the elements manfully as she nears Port..... Time of pictures: 11.36 Thursday morning.

Calais Seaways
I think she is the last of the DFDS ships with the Maltese Cross still on the funnel..

Just at the exact same time the patrol/pilot boat came powering back into the Port in a cloud of spray through the eastern entrance...just got a pic as the spray subsided a tad... whoosh..!

A couple of fascinating posts below from Mike...don't miss those. Great stuff Mike! Smiley


Saturday, 14 March 2020 - 06:57
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