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Post 4461
  JanT, Dover
Great piece about Cruise Terminal Christmas Fair, well worth a visit,Smiley and ideal for the kids, the ice rink looked so much fun.
Well done Port of Dover.Smiley

Monday, 4 December 2017 - 10:11
Post 4460
  Sea News, Dover

The principal contractor for the Port's Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) development is proudly sponsoring an even bigger and better real ice-rink at the Port of Dover's hugely successful White Cliffs Christmas, which is back by popular demand.

Awaiting within the Port’s historic Cruise Terminal 1 from 25th November to 1st January, the undercover ice skating rink measures a fantastic 400 sq m making it 100 sq m bigger than last year.

“VSBW are delighted to be playing a small part in giving back to the local Dover and East Kent Community” stated Paul de Jong, Managing Director of Boskalis Westminster Ltd.

As well as a bigger and better ice rink, this year’s Christmas Market will include more fair ground rides for the children and a wider range of market stalls and concessions serving a variety of food and drinks. The Bohemian Pub from Deal will also be operating a pop-up Bar called the Bo-Ho-Ho and there will be live music to add to the atmosphere. And of course no Christmas is complete without Father Christmas and his friendly elves who will take up residence in Santa’s grotto.

Stuart Eckersley, Project Director for VolkerStevin, said: “It is a real honour to be involved in such a fun and festive event for the whole family within the local community.”

Tim Waggott, Chief Executive from the Port of Dover, said: “Over the past year, together with VSBW, we have been working hard to deliver a bigger and better Western Docks with a bigger and better waterfront while providing a lasting community legacy through apprenticeships, employment for local people and work with local schools and charities.

“It is great to see how such a project can also lead to bigger and better community events, celebrating the very best of Dover to bring us all together at this seasonal time of year.”

Picture above courtesy of the Port
Taken by Kent Clickers

These pictures were taken earlier in the day on Saturday before many people had arrived, but you can see the wide variety of exciting Christmas stalls all ready for a terrific day and ...the ice rink is just plain FAB.
Life amongst the Christmas stalls...lots of crafts and skills and entertainments abound.
You don't have to be mad to work around here but it sure helps!Smiley Smiley
Yours truly stands in front of the camera for a change. Caught unawares while pondering how a chap might do the triple back flip somersault on the ice, while retaining a modicum of cool dignity..Smiley..well.. I had been in the Bar, run by the Bohemian of Deal and very it is nice too.
Former Mayor of Dover Jan Tranter hadn't been to the event before " Its just fab" said she.. and is bringing the family down.
The Ice got very busy a short time later as you can imagine.
The local Transport Museum were there in force...nice vehicles to see.
All jolly nice... see LIVE LINK at top of page for full info.


Well done below Sarah...ace set of pictures below there once again.Smiley
Ah very good re the Lifeboat. Its looking good Smiley Paul.

Monday, 4 December 2017 - 06:14
Post 4459
  Sarah, Ramsgate
Survey vessel Titan Discovery back in Ramsgate, we seem to have seen quite a lot of her during the year.

Our first sight of our festively lit up relief lifeboat, I will get you a night time photo Paul, I just took this whilst catching Titan Discovery.

Sunday, 3 December 2017 - 18:25
Post 4458
  Sea News, Dover
The Deluge: The good people of Boulogne, the Boulonnais, experienced this Armageddon-like rainstorm a few days ago (on December the 1st). It looked mercilessly horrendous over there... I was expecting a tornado like waterspout any minute...but no, not this time.

It looks like all the ships in the channel have scarpered - not a single one in view. That in itself is unusual. Smiley

This is what Boulogne looks like on a good day from Dover.

Nice collection below and nice info once more Mike..well done with all that. Great stuff!Smiley

Ah good one Patrick, very unsporting of the guys not to turn the hot water on..SmileySmiley

Glad the night pic went down well guys - still practising the technique.Smiley


Sunday, 3 December 2017 - 08:05
Post 4457
  Mike J., Dover
Certainly echo Patrick's comments on Paul's photo of the EASTERN BAY - for me the picture is 'made' by the lights of the ships out in the Dover Straits.

Saturday afternoon & the Dutch PEAK BREMEN was discharging sheet piles onto lorries.
She’s operated by the Swedish company PEAK PROJECT CARRIERS & had brought the cargo from Dintelnoord.
She sailed for Belfast about 2100 the same evening.

First time I’ve noticed this ‘stone yard’ in Wellington Dock - from the lamp posts in some the larger blocks [higher quality pix show they have labels on them & other posts are stacked nearby] I assume that they are ‘salvage’ from the reduction in height of the Prince of Wales Pier.

Perhaps DHB are going to build a rockery in memory of the much-missed pier ?

That’s the SAINT DAVID moored by the yard, probably the only vessel in Dover to have flown the Swastika.
For more details do a search for her in the ‘Sea News’ search box.

Sunday, 3 December 2017 - 00:59
Post 4456
  PatrickS, Marine Parade
Cracking evening shot of the Eastern Bay there Paul.
Here is one more for the memory of being soaked by Dover Fire Service during their recent exercise. At least it saved me the bother of taking my annual shower. Bit on the chilly side. I asked them to turn on the hot tap but only got drenched from the second cold hose. Only joking of course......

Saturday, 2 December 2017 - 21:46
Post 4455
  Sea News, Dover

A couple of pix above there of the reefer Eastern Bay which left us on Wednesday night. I made a note of where she was heading but alas alas notes go astray..presumably Hamburg or Rotterdam as per usual. The top shot was taken on Wednesday night but of course its very dark so not hugely clear. I have added the second shot from a previous time to give a clearer idea of how she looks.

On the same night..Wednesday, the Fire Brigade carried out an extensive exercise in the Gateway Flats here on Dover seafront. Residents had been notified beforehand in order to nullify any prospect of panic at the dramatic goings-on. Some images below...
never a dull moment around here ...

The water jets out towards the gardens from two sections in the flats and the Fire Brigade ladder climbs..
The floodlights catch the jetting water...

The parked cars got a free wash....Smiley !!!


Saturday, 2 December 2017 - 07:33
Post 4454
  Colette B, Dover
Many thanks for your kind words Patrick, I always look forward to seeing your photos & I love your recent Dover Harbour Panorama Smiley

Next year is looking good, especially with the ongoing positive projections from Port of Dover’s Ms Buczek and Ms Limbrick prior to the International Cruise Summit in Madrid on Wednesday.

It all sounds very positive for an increase in cruise calls for Dover in 2018 Smiley

Friday, 1 December 2017 - 22:04
Post 4453
  Sea News, Dover
Following along from Patrick's shots of the Artania and Mike's pix of the Deep Helder... some further shots here...

Yes indeed a surprisingly late-in-the-season cruise visit above there from Artania. She arrived about 07.50 yesterday right on schedule on a cold ol day...well you can tell from the pictures it was cold. Within half an hour of her arrival there was a snow blizzard, thankfully it didn't last too long but yours truly had to brush snow off his vehicle a short time later. Not the kind of weather a chap might associate with Cruising. Hopefully the passengers were woven into their interlocked reinforced thermals to brace themselves against the Dovorian winter. Gosh - even the Pimms would need to be warmed up these days. Heavens!

A couple of extra ones of the exciting Deep Helder to add to Mike's collection below page (4450).

Nice ones below Patrick. Yes she left last night at 8pm right on the button heading south as we said.


Friday, 1 December 2017 - 06:47
Post 4452
  Patrick, Marine Parade
The last Cruise Liner of the year - m/v ARTANIA - arrived from Hamburg early today framed in the glow of an early morning sunrise (and the odd seagull).

Set sail this evening for Le Havre with a different sort of glow of her own making

Many thanks to Colette for all the information on this seasons cruise callers.
Keeps us land lubbers alert and informed about all that is happening at Dover Port Cruise Liner Terminal during the Spring Summer and Autumn Cruise Schedules. Great stuff for sure.
Look forward to even more next season.

Thursday, 30 November 2017 - 21:58
Post 4451
  Sea News, Dover


TEN local apprentices - including the first ever female apprentices - started work at P&O Ferries this month as they began a two-year course which will lead to them becoming fully qualified seafarers aboard 47,000 ton ships on the English Channel.

The ten - who are aged between 18 and 29 - hail from a variety of backgrounds in Kent including a bar tender, a former employee of the school exclusion unit and one who worked as a football coach in the United States.

Seven of the ten are studying to become what are known in seafaring as Deck Ratings, with responsibility for steering the ships, loading cars and look-out duties. The other three are studying to become Engine Ratings, which entails working in the engine room and maintaining machinery.

All ten are employed on a Shoreside Learning Contract, whereby they travel daily onto the ships and have taster periods of living on board by way of preparation for when they are qualified.

Mike Willis, Learning and Development Adviser at P&O Ferries, said: "This is the fourth consecutive year in which we have run the apprenticeships course and we received an enormous amount of interest, with 176 applicants applying for the positions."

"We are delighted to welcome our first female apprentices, which reinforces the point that seafaring is an exciting career for men and women alike. During the next two years we will be investing in their training, accommodation and examinations to equip them with a set of skills which will stay with them for life."

Stacy Gregory (pictured front row, second from right), who is 25-years-old and from Folkestone, said: "Seeing what the last group of apprentices did made it look really exciting. I am especially looking forward to obtaining a qualification at the end of the course."

Sam Jones (pictured back row, second from right), a 29-year-old from Dover, added: "This qualification will secure my future and the future of my family. I will have something that will set me up for the rest of my life."

P&O Ferries' apprenticeships scheme has been running since 2014 and helps local people start a career at sea. The Dover-based employer's wider stakeholder programme offers visits to schools and colleges within the local community, a free initiative with the visit often tailored to school requirements and their current projects.


The P&O Ferries above looking good in a little late evening sun 2/3 days ago...
While sorting out the P&O pix I came across this one above in the file from 2/3 years ago...taken from the inshore end of the Prince of Wales nice pictures will be possible from up there in the future.

Many thanks as ever to the guys over at P&O.

* *

Barbara Buczek

Barbara Buczek, Port of Dover Director of Corporate Development and Operations will speak at the International Cruise Summit in Madrid on 29 November 2017.

The ICS is a truly international event that attracts an average of 400 international delegates every year. Since its inception in 2011 the event has been growing into one of the most recognized in the industry for addressing vital topics and at the same time evaluating solutions to common challenges affecting our industry. 

She will participate as a panel member of the “Market Trends Impacting on the Future of Cruise Ports” session where her associates on the panel will include representatives from CruiseLine, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Marella Cruises, Pullmantour Cruises, Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services as well as delegates from other ports.
“It’s a real privilege to be invited to speak at the world renowned International Cruise Summit and share knowledge and successes with such esteemed colleagues.” Ms. Buczek said.

Also, attending will be Sonia Limbrick, Port of Dover Head of Cruise Business Development. Since taking on leadership of the Cruise team in November 2015, Dover Port cruise calls have increased by a substantial 30% and ongoing projections remain positive.


I'm a little late with that one above but I am sure Barbara was great last night.
Good to see Sonia L attending too - should be positive for future cruise business here at the Port of Dover.

* *

Well done Mike..a cracking collection below there of Deep Helder plus. I got a couple too but am behind schedule again...but great to see those. Bet it was cold down there. Shiver me timbers..Smiley Smiley

A great panorama again Patrick... lovely stuff. Heck of a sweep with the camera there. Smiley

Well done Colette with the Cruise info below. One late last ship...thought it was all over.Smiley
Exciting cruise info/possibilities above there with Barbara B.


Thursday, 30 November 2017 - 06:43
Post 4450
  Mike J., Dover
A chilly Wednesday afternoon with only one fisherman on the Admiralty Pier & the arrival of the Dutch support vessel DEEP HELDER who has been working on the Nemo power cable project between Pegwell Bay & Zeebrugge.

After coming off the Admiralty Pier I caught the LLANDDWYN ISLAND departing the old Jetfoil terminal.

Thursday, 30 November 2017 - 00:24
Post 4449
  Patrick, Marine Parade
Dover Harbour panorama

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 - 23:53
Post 4448
  ColetteB, Dover


Wow! Great photos as always from the Sea News Team Smiley Smiley

Well the time has come for the last visitor of the 2017 cruise season. Tomorrow the Artania last seen in September, cruises into CT1 at 08.00hours on her 6 night return trip to Hamburg. Her ports of call are Le Havre, Rotterdam and Ijuiden. She departs at 20.00 hours, PoC. We wish her well Smiley

FYI, she then sets sail from Hamburg on Dec 4th for a 17 night cruise to Marseille where she sets her compass for lands further afield. She cruises from Marseille on Dec 21st for the Indian Ocean on a 24 night cruise to Sri Lanka. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas & New Year Smiley

That’s it for this season unless we have a surprise visitor!!!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 - 12:14
Post 4447
  Sea News, Dover

Zeebrugge Bell Returns To Dover Ahead Of 2018 Centenary

The Zeebrugge Bell has returned to Dover following restoration and cleaning at the Loughborough bell foundry of John Taylor & Co.  The Zeebrugge Bell was given to the people of Dover by HM The King of the Belgians, Albert I, as a souvenir of the naval raid on Zeebrugge harbour on St George’s Day (23 April 1918). 

The Bell was welcomed back to Dover by Cllr Neil Rix, the Town Mayor of Dover, Cllr Sue Chandler, the Chairman of Dover District Council, and Tony Yelverton, Managing Director of Hipperson Builders, the project contractors who also completed conservation work to the bell housing and tower. 

The Zeebrugge Bell is housed at Dover’s Grade I listed Maison Dieu and is struck each year by the Town Mayor at noon on St George’s Day (23 April) as part of annual commemorations organised by Dover Town Council. 

The centenary of the Zeebrugge Raid will be commemorated in Dover on Monday, 23 April 2018 with a series of events organised by Dover Town Council.  Later in the day, Royal Marines Heritage Trails will be launched in Deal.  The Royal Marines played a pivotal role in the raid on Zeebrugge with many of them trained at the Royal Marines Depot in Deal.  


Ah that's great Sarah, looking forward to that - well done the roving reporter. Paul Smiley

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 - 06:30
Post 4446
  Sarah, Ramsgate
No worries Paul, I'll get a photo of Lady of Hilbre looking all Christmassy for you. Smiley

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 - 10:38
Post 4445
  Sea News, Dover

A cold grey day yesterday with a strong wind whipping through, the shipping forecast told us it was a 'severe gale 9' at one point. But as ever the ferries managed very well. Featured ferries above are the Spirit of France to the left, the Delft Seaways to the right and in the background the Calais Seaways sets off bound for ...well... Calais. The tug was needed in the turbulent conditions and did a great job as ever.

Yesterday the Atlantic Reefer was with us. I missed her arrival but here is a longer range picture from a previous time. She left in the wee small hours of the morning for Hamburg.

* *

Jubilee Way was closed for many hours yesterday as once again there was a nasty nasty accident just above the Port. The air ambulance was called and needed. Surely the time has come for something to be done about this road. How many more people have to die??

Last year during extensive roadworks..a temporary concrete barrier was put in place separating the uplanes from the one going done. This kept the workers safe, it was very solid. That barrier needs to be brought back on a permanent basis to keep road users safe.

* *

Well done below Sarah.Smiley It looks like Christmas has come early for you over there, bet you are enjoying having all those lifeboats. We look forward to you getting that shot of the one with the Christmas lights. We had one from you previously, so we can use that if you are not able to get round to it in the busy busy holiday period.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017 - 06:48
Post 4444
  Sarah, Ramsgate
This is getting mad here, we now have four all weather lifeboats in the harbour as Margate Lifeboat is now here due to problems with their launcher. SmileySmileySmileySmiley

Monday, 27 November 2017 - 17:36
Post 4443
  Sea News, Dover

It was certainly a bracing oul day yesterday sunday, bright but bracing...yours truly's cheeks almost went ruddy for a moment, so ... it must have been 'invigorating' out there on the briny blue and no mistake...but those guys above were keen, staying out for a considerable time. PaulB

From DDC re Christmas Parking...

Small Business Saturday
Dover District Council is reminding everyone that we are supporting Small Business Saturday again this year by offering free parking in DDC off-street car parks on Saturday 2 December 2017. 

Small Business Saturday is designed to raise the profile of small businesses across the UK.  DDC is supporting this initiative for the fifth year running by offering free parking in its off-street car parks.  This offer will not apply to on-street parking places or car parks that are privately owned, such as Sainsbury’s and the Co-op in Deal. 

Cllr Nigel Collor, DDC Cabinet Member for Access, said:
“We are delighted to continue to support Small Business Saturday. We urge people working and living in the town centres to join with us in the spirit of this offer by parking where they usually do to allow customers of town centre businesses to take advantage of the free parking.”


Monday, 27 November 2017 - 06:14
Post 4442
  Sea News, Dover

Night falls on the harbour. Picture taken just a few days ago while there was still some light in the sky...but you can see the guys settling in for a long nights work to the left as all the lights are blazing out there amongst the piling. You notice...not too many camper vans this time of the year. Chilly weather at the moment too, me timbers are a shiverin'...

Thanks for all the info Mike and for the excellent pictures...terrific sequence below there of David Church trying with some difficulty to come back to base. Great stuff!Smiley

Brilliant work Sarah below...great shots of all the Lifeboats over there in Ramsgate currently. As you said...that's happiness for you.. and indeed for us too as we are able to see them all through your pictures.Smiley

Lovely shots Patrick of the dazzling sky over the hills of France. Enjoyed those...Smiley


Sunday, 26 November 2017 - 15:17
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