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Post 6828
  Jan T, Dover
Some very impressive pictures of the SCARLET LADY Mike J certainly is a different looking ship, and gosh yes Patrick they didn't want us to miss it even at night. Even from up here on the hill.

Friday, 21 February 2020 - 09:23
Post 6827
  Mike J., Dover

Virgin’s first cruise ship the SCARLET LADY arrived Dover in the predawn darkness on Thursday morning after her six day voyage from her builders yard in Genoa.

She'll be in port until Sunday evenng, sailing after the second firework display at 1830
Next stop Liverpool to show the Virgin flag for a few days before heading for Miami & her first cruise & is unlikely to return to Europe for a while as he will be ‘home-ported’ in Miami for Caribbean cruises.

Her unexpected early arrival had foiled plans to meet her with s flotilla of small craft as met the SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY last year [posts 6368/69] but despite the gale conditions, with force 9 in the forecast, Dover Sea Safari’s DOVER EXPLORER set off at about 1000 with an almost full load of passengers, well bundled up against the cold.

We quickly got cold & almost as quickly got extremely wet after leaving the Wick Channel, passing the PACIFIC REEFER on WD5 & entered the Outer Harbour, heading for Cruise-2 & the SCARLET LADY.

Rain was intermittent & squalls were running thru almost continuously whipping the tops of the waves & often reducing visibility.

Earlier in the day the DAUNTLESS had been ‘pushing up’ on the SCARLET LADY, holding her up against the quay & taking some of the strain off her mooring ropes, but by the time we arrived the DAUNTLESS had gone off to help the CALAIS SEAWAYS who was having trouble docking & the SCARLET LADY was holding herself in position, using her bow thrusts.

We covered the impressive [some would say unattractive] ship from all possible angles with a momentary improvement in the light when we were shooting the bows area.

Apologies for the raindrops/spray on the lens.

The SCARLET LADY looks particularly strange from the blunt end, hardly looking shiplike at all.

There are certainly some very odd-looking modern cruise ships about, but at least she didn’t seem to have the full onboard funfair on the top deck that some American cruise ships are blessed with.

But impressive she certainly is & I’m sure that we wish Virgin the best of luck with the SCARLET LADY & the three more ships that they are building.
Watch for the arrival of Mr.Branson by helicopter, ETA unknown.

After we’d taken our fill of photography we returned to the Tidal Basin, bedraggled but pleased with an exhilarating ‘voyage’
Everyone enjoyed themselves with the only casualty being my favourite woolly hat which was last seen heading off at speed in the direction of France.

Thanks are due to Andy the coxn of DOVER EXPLORER & his two crew members.

Going out in a small boat is really the only way in the new DWDR era that you can get a decent close-up view of a berthed cruise ship now that the Prince of Wales pier is permanently closed & the Admiralty Pier not yet re-opened to the public.
The new marina pier gives a much inferior cluttered view of the cruise ship berths, altho’ excellent views to the east.


Friday, 21 February 2020 - 01:36
Post 6826
  Patrick, Marine Parade
With the advent of evening light the 'SCARLET LADY' wanted to attract our attention with some well placed cabin lighting aaaaaaah ......... me hearties

Thursday, 20 February 2020 - 22:43
Post 6825
  Sea News , Dover
Scarlet Lady once the day brightens up...
Zooming in below...

See also todays previous posts below.
See also post 6289 to see earlier Scarlet Lady press release.

EXTRA:Port of Dover Twitter...
Firework celebrations for @VirginVoyages Scarlet Lady's inaugural port of call @Port_of_Dover will be held on Friday 21st February @ 10.00pm and Sunday 23rd February @ 6.30pm, please come down to the seafront to witness what promises to be two spectacular displays!

Thursday, 20 February 2020 - 08:03
Post 6824
  Sea News, Dover

First shot there of Virgin's all new Scarlet Lady...she came in ahead of schedule as I understand it...unfortunately in the dark. Presumably ahead of schedule due to the forecasted spell of rough weather, which is due shortly... time of pic above 06.40. Brightened the image up a the foreground, somewhat over-shadowed, in more ways than one, is general cargo ship Norman.
See also todays earlier post below.

Thursday, 20 February 2020 - 07:23
Post 6823
  Sea News, Dover
Some pictures now of general cargo ship EEMS Cobalt approaching the Port of Dover on Tuesday...Tuesday mid-morning in fact. Time of first shot 11.02. The ship went over to WD5 as WD4 was and still is occupied by Norman. Cobalt left last night (Thursday) in the pitch darkness, and it was pitch, round about 7PM as Pacific Reefer was due. See the two crew guys below taking in the view....

A short time after the EEMS Cobalt pictures...the ship below arrived just off JPO Scorpius. A couple of pictures to enjoy below, we are presuming it was for a pilot embark.

See the post below re the expected new arrival today.
Much of the Admiralty Pier has a very welcoming array of red lights along its cruise-end entirety. Very welcoming.
More detail at top of post below...


Thursday, 20 February 2020 - 06:03
Post 6822
  Sea News, Dover
EXTRA: From the Port of Dover's Twitter account...

Firework celebrations for @VirginVoyages Scarlet Lady's inaugural port of call @Port_of_Dover will be held on Friday 21st February @ 10.00pm and Sunday 23rd February @ 6.30pm, please come down to the seafront to witness what promises to be two spectacular displays!

We believe the ship is due to arrive tomorrow.

* *

You will remember that Norman was in the port recently, she arrived at the grain pier WD4, moved to WD5 the cargo terminal...presumably the move was rough weather related. Then she left the Port altogether to weather Storm Dennis at a Margate anchorage. On Monday she returned to complete her business here in Dover. These pictures show her wild and woolly weather just off the breakwater on Monday around midday...

And...phew! .. made it... ! Smiley

The vessel is still in Port at the grain pier WD4....working away.

Also..previously in Port at the same time but now left...was Schweiz Reefer, and here she is below at 6am Monday morning.

Schweiz Reefer came in the dark and left in the dark ( for Vlissingen ) so we long for brighter lengthier days...

ps: pictures of EEMS Cobalt arriving scheduled next .. plus...

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 - 05:56
Post 6821
  Sea News, Dover

DFDS reveals NEW Relax Lounge as part of a £3.9m refit investment

Relax Lounge

Premium Lounge

DFDS' Dunkerque Seaways will be the first of the three ships on the Dover to Dunkirk route to reveal a number of new looks as part of a £3.9m investment.

DFDS understands that in a busy world, with many customers travelling long distances, the chance to relax in comfort whilst travelling is welcome. With that in mind from Monday 17th February, passengers looking for peace and quiet can enjoy the new Relax Lounge. The lounge boasts luxury reclining chairs built into an airline style pod for extra privacy, complimented by soft lighting for the perfect stress-free environment. Prices depend on availability and start from £6 per person each way. Guests of the Relax Lounge will also receive a complimentary Rituals Karma set*. Children under 16 are not permitted into the Relax Lounge.

The ships’ Premium Lounge areas have also been fully refurbished with comfortable lounge furniture and modern décor to provide the luxurious and peaceful surroundings demanded by the modern traveller. This private lounge is open 24 hours a day and is available for all ages from £12 per person each way. Passengers can enjoy complimentary glass of Prosecco, premium snacks and pastries, hot and cold refreshments and hot food available from the Premium Lounge menu.

With the success of the Horizon restaurant, a pizza, pasta, salad concept on the Dover to Calais routes, the refit also includes this restaurant being installed on all three ships on the Dover to Dunkirk route. Here guests can enjoy a selection of freshly cooked, made to order pizzas, pasta dishes and healthy salads. Passengers can place their order, take a buzzer with them to their table and collect their meals when called.

Passengers will also benefit from new bathroom facilities throughout the ship and can now enjoy watching a spot of television in the Lighthouse Café, with newly installed TVs as an additional feature.

Steve Newbery, Onboard Commercial Director for BU Short Routes and Passenger at DFDS said: "This is a very exciting refit programme and continues on from last year’s successes with our Lighthouse Café and demonstrates our commitment to improving the passenger experience on board our DFDS ferries.

"We believe the improvements will help our passengers increase their sense of relaxation and give them the best possible start to their onward journeys. Many of the changes are in response to ideas and suggestions from our customers, so I am looking forward to the feedback from our passengers."


Horizons Restaurant

* *

Wow! great lounge development above there on the DFDS ships...have to try some of that!
Great encouragement for us to get out there.. and with a little touch of luxury...well... Smiley

Its lovely to cross the channel in the mornings when the sky looks like this below...picture taken in between the recent storms.

English Channel sunrise.



Tuesday, 18 February 2020 - 07:01
Post 6820
  Sea News, Dover

Protecting our Marine Environment

With our area’s role as a gateway of international maritime trade, it could be easy to forget that it is also home to one of the most special and famous marine sites around, the Goodwin Sands.

The Goodwin Sands SOS group has done a fantastic job of ensuring we don’t forget – and that we cherish this special habitat. The unusual sandbank, lying only a few short miles from Deal, is undoubtedly a site worthy of protection.

It is the last resting place of airmen whose battles raged over our skies, as well as light-vessel men who perished in 1954 when their boat, a type of lighthouse, wrenched free from its moorings. We will never forget their bravery and sacrifice. We shouldn’t forget their final resting place either.

The Sands also contain a diverse range of sea life. Blue mussels, ross worms, shellfish, the protected Thornback Ray all make the most of the rare sand-on-chalk platform in the middle of the sea. It contains special rest and relax areas for Grey Seals, and much more besides.

The Sands have a special place in our own cultural history – stories abound of Deal residents in years past rescuing, or thieving, from people and boats shipwrecked in and near the sands. From Nelson’s fleet to the modern day, it is part of a natural area of shelter from the sea’s stormiest heights.

It’s for these reasons that I am trying to secure better environmental protections for special marine sites. So that they can have similar protections to special sites on land. Just last year, the Goodwin Sands was designated a marine conservation zone. That gives it protection most similar to a green belt designation on land – a ‘blue belt’ equivalent.

That’s a great start and I want to go further, to strengthen that protection. I want to see a new class of ‘special marine interest’ sites created with Goodwin Sands at the top of the list. The new classification would provide similar protections to Sites of Special Scientific Interest on land – with a much higher threshold for commercial activities like aggregates extraction.

I recently met with the Environment Secretary to discuss the idea – and I will keep working with them and marine-minded colleagues in the months ahead to take it forward. I also met with the Goodwin Sands SOS group. I will be seeking further engagement with Government agencies around the dredging work that is already planned, so that it can be approached as sensitively and sensibly as may be possible.

Our marine environment is so important – especially to coastal communities like ours. Whether it’s trade, tourism, or a simple day out with the family, the sea is in the heartbeat of our community.

We cannot take it for granted. We must ensure it is protected for every person and every generation – so that where we live continues to remain such a special corner of our nation.

Natalie Elphicke MP Dover and Deal

This week Natalie called for the Government to be ready at the border so the port can "grow and prosper" after Brexit. This amid HMG suggestions the frictionless trade might not be quite as frictionless as once mooted...

My thanks to Natalie Elphicke for the above. Smiley

* *

Some rough oul pictures from yesterday. Storm Dennis didn't hit us quite as hard in Dover as elsewhere but it was a grim old period nonetheless with rain drizzle and of course high wind..

Manoeuvring the Pride of Canterbury into Dover 9: Visibility was poor taking these pictures yesterday morning. Dennis wasn't quite as 'visual' as Ciara a few days back...some tug work photographed here. Below roughly an hour later than the ones above at 09.59 .... working to send Delft Seaways on her way.

Huge thanks to Mike for his central main post on Ed Connell 6814.
Thanks also to Brian and Jan for the acknowledgments.



Monday, 17 February 2020 - 04:54
Post 6819
  JanT , Dover
Sorry to hear the sad news about Ed, who captured many pictures out there in the channel for seanews.

Sunday, 16 February 2020 - 08:09
Post 6818
  Sea News, Dover
I am very sorry to hear the sad news about Ed Connell, he was a grand guy and I have known him through my forum days for years. He always supplied us on Sea News with great and welcome pictures from the Dover Straits and you can see in his final post 5314 that he regarded himself as our 'dover straits correspondent'. But of course he was so much more.

We enjoyed some great and fascinating pictures from his seagoing positioning and always missed his input after he left.

Our thoughts are with his wife Chris and family.

* *

This is what I said when he told us he was leaving... from April 2018 post 5316.

Ah gosh Ed I am sorry to hear that our famous nautical man on the dover straits has made his last post for us here on Sea News. You have been a great correspondent with excellent news items and excellent pictures. We have known each other for years right through the old forum days and its all been great fun plus. I hope your medical treatment goes very well and I bet the team on the Delft Seaways and formerly the Dover Seaways were all sorry to see you go. Yes keep looking in and we will do our best to entertain you.



Sunday, 16 February 2020 - 06:40
Post 6817
  brian dixon, dover
a report of the missing man is on the forum

Saturday, 15 February 2020 - 14:27
Post 6816
  brian dixon, dover
reports of man over board just of margate at 0600 this morning. 2 lifeboats a sars helicopter and a naval vessel shearching for him.

Saturday, 15 February 2020 - 14:18
Post 6815
  brian dixon, dover
sad news indeed, condolences to the famley .

Saturday, 15 February 2020 - 14:14
Post 6814
  Mike J., Dover

'Sea News' readers may recall Ed Connell who has passed away after a long illness, bravely borne.

Ed worked on the ferries for many years after he left deepsea, initially with Sealink & finally with DFDS working as a Radio Officer until the rank was abolished, continuing as an Electro-Technical Officer.

A frequent contributor to 'Sea News' Ed's photos were much valued, particularly as he was the main contributor of photos of vessels passing thru the Dover Straits & taken from aboard his ferry until he came ashore in April 2018 [post 5314]

Ed was very knowledgeable about shipping & particularly interested in local history & was contributing to the 'Dover History Pages' Facebook page until last November.

A real character with an impish sense of humour & a real gentleman, Ed will be much missed & our sympathies go out to Chris his wife & to his family.

Saturday, 15 February 2020 - 12:33
Post 6813
  Sea News, Dover
Tug Dauntless

We are expecting more rough weather...with Storm Dennis due and ready to menace. The picture above of Tug Dauntless was taken during Storm Ciara a few days ago, it shows the tug on standby duty mid-harbour, ready to assist the incoming ferries dock in the rough weather. You can see the breakwater behind Dauntless over-run with the high seas...we are expecting more of the same..

The picture below is another one of Norman at WD4...Norman our latest visitor. We have a picture further below too in 6812 taken at a different time, this is a wider version showing the wider scene as it were. Norman is now at WD5, the new cargo terminal.

Update: Norman has just left for a 'Margate Anchorage'


Saturday, 15 February 2020 - 05:56
Post 6812
  Sea News, Dover

The latest arrival at the new grain pier WD4 is...well yes you've guessed it,,,Norman. I thought she was another grain vessel but it seems not...she was waiting for the Lady Rosemary to vacate WD5 the new cargo terminal...she is now over there .. after Lady Rosemary set out for Vlissingen fully recovered.

Initially I thought aloud...
"Its Norman
sheltering from the storm in
WD5" it was stormy yesterday morning.

We've got Shakespeare worried there as you can see...Smiley

Smiley Yes Del, some dicey weather coming this weekend. Better brace ourselves. yes I think that's how we spell dicey as my spellchecker hasn't gone in to meltdown..Smiley

Smiley Interesting collection below from our 'inshore correspondent' ...well done with those Mike.


Friday, 14 February 2020 - 07:45
Post 6811
  Mike J., Dover

Excellent Maersk pix !

The Smit/Boskalis SMIT DEE, supposedly a 'training vessel' came into Dover from Weymouth early on Wednesday & remained in The Tug Haven on Thursday morning,

She was tied-up alongside DAVID CHURCH who provided a rather confusing background.

Rain was starting when I was on the pontoon & was throwing it down by the time I got up to St.Martin's battery . . . . .

Friday, 14 February 2020 - 00:30
Post 6810
  Del Styan, Norwich
Good luck this weekend with Dennis - that Jubilee way pic looks a bit dicey - if that's how you spell dicey!

Thursday, 13 February 2020 - 23:04
Post 6809
  Sea News, Dover

Gunhilde Maersk: this one came in close to Port on Tuesday while the weather was a tad easier...presumably to let the pilot off or similar. She paused here for a time....If yours truly is remembering correctly...she was on her way to Felixstowe. Always happy to see them linger here...

The picture below is from 5/6 days ago...just prior to Storm Ciara...shows the magnificent Morten Maersk in the gentle evening light...all 195,000 tons of her. Almost twice the size of Gunhilde above...which is a 100,000 tonner.

We are having some very rough weather again as I this Storm Dennis ahead of schedule?
We're getting too much menace from Dennis!
A last one of Storm Ciara below which shows the scale of the waves in relation to the truck coming down Jubilee Way. Granted the truck is that bit further away but you get the drift.


Thursday, 13 February 2020 - 06:18
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