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Just having sent Pacific Reefer on her way, the tugs turn back into the Summer (!!) gloom....

Featuring all the ships that come and go and work at the Port of Dover ..
... with further coverage of the surrounding ports.

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Post 6289
  Sea News, Dover

Virgin Voyages has announced that Dover will be the first ever port of call for its epic Scarlet Lady cruise ship
…………... in February 2020.

This exciting news was revealed by Spice Girl Geri Horner (Halliwell) at a press conference in London two nights ago and celebrated at a star studded party, which showcased a taste of Virgin Voyages’ signature Scarlet Night on-board events.

After leaving the Fincantieri shipyard in Genoa, Italy, Scarlet Lady will set sail first to the Port of Dover where she will be hosting a number of exclusive events for First Mates, media and VIPs.

Sonia Limbrick, Head of Cruise at the Port of Dover says: ‘We are incredibly excited to be welcoming Scarlet Lady here for her first ever preview. Set amongst the wonderful backdrop of the White Cliffs (now maybe with a splash of red) and Dover Castle, the Port will undoubtedly give her the first class welcome she deserves.’

Barbara Buczek, Chief Commercial Officer at the Port of Dover adds: ‘We are absolutely thrilled to be working work with Virgin Voyages team, who are definitely making waves in the cruise industry. It’s fantastic to see their rebellious approach to creating a unique offer and we are delighted to be part of this extraordinary journey.”

Further details will be revealed soon!


Many thanks to the Port for the exciting info above there.Smiley

* *

A Smile from AIDAbella

Smiley Well done Patrick. You saved the day with that nice shot of AIDAbella in your recent post below yours truly missed it completely. The extra shot above there is from a former visit.

Smiley Yes progress has been made Del. The new road and bridge are now open and in full urban use, and of course the new pier is open and appears to be very popular. Lots of people experiencing it. I haven't been on it myself yet but will in due course. But the contractors still have much more to do...lots of building work going on all over the area.

Lots of people heading to the Port as I write, very busy, no doubt all frenetically trying to escape the Tory Party Leadership Contest.Smiley



Saturday, 25 May 2019 - 06:26
Post 6288
  Del Styan, Norwich
How are the western dock works getting on? I only ask because I haven't seen any updates recently. Are they near fruition?

Friday, 24 May 2019 - 22:54
Post 6287
  Patrick, Marine Parade
Cruise Liner 'AidaBella' graced our port this morning from Ijmuiden berthing at CT2 for the day before a scheduled 7pm departure.

Friday, 24 May 2019 - 16:53
Post 6286
  Sea News, Dover
Dover Lifeboat

That's the Dover Lifeboat above there powering out into the Channel at some speed on Tuesday evening. They normally carry out training exercises on Tuesday evening, however this time it looked more of a serious 'shout'...but I don't know for sure. These are busy times in the Channel. Time of both pictures above 19:07.

An hour and a half later and we see the return..time of first following shot is 20:28 in the fast fading light. The light was a wee bit too poor for the long range camera but we were lucky and just about managed. Great to see the guys in action.

Unscheduled I will try and include these two Lifeboat shots from the past. Had forgotten these ones but have just re-discovered them...good action... and certainly worth another look. Ive gone a bit overload with the pix this time but hopefully it will all post okay.
These following two pix are from hi-summer 2016.

Border Force Hunter passes the power boat from the Patricia ...this following along from Mike's shot in his earlier post ( see post 6284 ). The second pic below here is a crop of the first one...just about works as its enlarged a bit too far! See Patricia herself in 6285.
These pix wed morning 09:40.

ps: AIDAbella has come in behind me here...missed it...yikes Smiley

Friday, 24 May 2019 - 07:16
Post 6285
  Sea News, Dover
I have been asked to show a large version of the little sailboat picture at the top of page...well there we are, pictured in full 'chocolate box' mode.. as we used to refer to these things. And very nice too.... Dover on a beautiful morning.

Below we have a small shot of Morgenster passing a few days back, yours truly couldn't get a sharp picture, camera on the blink again ( always blame yer tools Smiley ) She was on her way to the delightful Cherbourg, because the pic is poor an extra shot of Morgenster from a previous time now added further below.

Mike mentions THV she be yesterday morning just off Samphire Hoe...looking across the western rooftops.

Enjoyable post below there from Mike. Excellent pictures - don't miss those.Smiley
Jan yes busy time of it these days for sure Smiley
Del yes an ungodly hour.. yours truly has been known to nod off occasionally, not that one would admit to it. SmileySmiley

Will have some Lifeboat pictures following along...from Tuesday evening... bear with...

Thursday, 23 May 2019 - 06:08
Post 6284
  Mike J., Dover

STØDIG sailed for Dunkirk late-morning Wednesday.

While I was waiting for her to sail an unusual visitor heading back out to sea passed by, one of the two tenders from THV PATRICIA [post 4122] who was lying off Samphire Hoe.
The tender had presumably called in for stores or a personnel change.
& to pick up the morning papers nae doot.

Wednesday morning blocked-up In the boatyard was the ALERT.

Thursday, 23 May 2019 - 01:10
Post 6283
  JanT, Dover
Good set of pictures there from Mike J, see you've been busy with that camera, with the better weather coming up the seafront is getting more busy than ever..

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 - 14:47
Post 6282
  Mike J., Dover
Hansa Shipping’s KERTU sailed Tuesday afternoon for Rouen after delivery of the second of three consignments of biomass timber for Sandwich.
This was the second series of deliveries & the KERTU had brought in one cargo during the first series.

Preparing for sea with gantry crane lowering hatch covers into position.

Coming off the berth & preparing to swing.

Swung & proceding out.

Just before she sailed there was the unusual sight of a yellow ships lifeboat entering by the Western Entrance & heading down to the Tidal Basin.

The STODIG [Norwegian for ‘reliable’ or ‘Steady’] is a semi-enclosed lifeboat previously in service up in Bonnie Scautland on the Caledonian-MacBrayne ferry CLANSMAN.

She was sold in 2017 to two young architects who have fitted her out as a motor yacht & is currently on the first stage of an ambitious voyage to Tromso in Norway, partly at sea & partly thru the European inland waterways system.

The STODIG had come up from Newhaven & had had an uncomfortable night anchored down near Dungeness & plan to set off on Wednesday for Dunkirk.

An impressive conversion has been carried out internally & the very basic interior of a 100-person lifeboat has been converted into a series of cabins & other accommodation, with all ‘mod cons’ installed & equipment & machinery upgraded.
At present she doesn’t have an AIS transmitter.

A most unusual conversion although a similar houseboat conversion can be seen at Ramsgate.

Full details of the project & intended voyage can be found on their excellent website by googling ‘ARCTIC LIFEBOAT’

I’m sure that we all wish Guylee & David [not forgetting ship’s dog ‘Shackleton’] all the very best & bon voyage on this most interesting trip.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 - 00:58
Post 6281
  Del Styan, Norwich
4.50am - ye gods, I hope you have a nap the afternoon!

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 - 23:04
Post 6280
  Sea News, Dover

Pacific Princess wins Port of Dover award for environmental performance

The Port of Dover is pleased to announce that Princess Cruises' Pacific Princess has won its Safety Environment Awareness SEA Award for 2018.

Presented to Princess Cruises at the recent Seatrade 2019 Global Cruise Conference in Miami, the award acknowledges the outstanding performance on recycling rates and waste procedure compliance of Pacific Princess when calling at Dover during the 2018 season.

This year’s SEA award presentation was part of a bigger push by Dover to encourage cruise lines looking to minimise their impact on the environment whilst growing their business. The Port exhibited at Seatrade with a stand made entirely of waste plastic collected from the world’s oceans and beaches during 2018 – the most sustainable stand ever to exhibit at the conference and fully accredited zero waste.

Sonia Limbrick, Head of Cruise at Dover Cruise Port, said: “I was delighted to present Princess Cruises with our SEA Award, which shows our joint commitment to driving the sustainability agenda within the industry.

“The award, now in its second year, also recognises and reflects the strengthening partnership between the Port and our wider cruise line partners, shipping agents and waste handlers in working to improve environmental performance.”

The Port looks forward to welcoming back Pacific Princess and Princess Cruises during the 2019 cruise season.


Thanks to the Port for the info. Any move that reduces plastic in the oceans has got to be good. Smiley

* *

A picture of Border Force Searcher above there taken at the weekend in the harbour. They were probably/presumably taking a short break while they regroup in the midst of yet more migrant crossings at the weekend. It was and is hugely busy out there. 52 people including children made the crossings in four boats all of course at different times..that's as as we understand it. There were other Border Force vessels also out there on patrol. We can be glad that nobody has lost their life making the far.

A pic below from yesterday morning..super 4.50am and a sleepy eyed yours truly just caught the tail end of the departure procedure of Emerald. Several shots were attempted, all blurred, apart from the one below which was just about passable in the early dark gloom. The ship was setting off for Vlissingen in the Netherlands.

The picture below shows Emerald better...from a previous time..



Very interesting post below from Mike so don't miss that one...enjoyable pictures and info thereSmiley

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 - 06:03
Post 6279
  Mike J., Dover

After Paul’s flurry of elegant cruise ships, another ship much less elegant & considerably older.

Paul & Sarah have from time to time put up photos of the former U.S Rhine patrol boat P-22 [posts 4534/4762] built in Germany just after WW2 that now lives at Sandwich but ventures out from time to time.

A few miles away , further down the Stour & moored in the Stonar Cut, Richborough is another wartime veteran, this time built during WW1, the former sand & gravel dredger SPITHEAD enjoying retirement as a houseboat after an interesting career.

Designed by shipbuilders Pollocks of Faversham & built by yards around the UK no less than 200 ‘X-Lighters’ [nicknamed ‘Black Beetles’] were built during WW1 & were intended as harbour vessels & landing craft, most notably at Gallipoli, although it’s not known whether the SPITHEAD served in Turkey.

Initially known as X44 she was built in Sunderland in 1915 & disposed of by the Navy in 1921 becoming a gravel dredger until she was requisitioned by the Navy during WW2 which she spent working up in Scapa Flow.

After the war she returned to dredging as well as working as a salvage vessel until the 1970s & has been a houseboat at Stonar Cut for at least 30 years & was being worked-on when photographed last July.
You can see her 'spoon' bow which enabled her to run aground easily when necessary, such as when landing troops, usually from ladders on each side of the bow.

Interestingly, almost alongside SPITHEAD & partly visible at low water is a former German coastal patrol launch that sank at her moorings & was abandoned, to be largely swallowed by the mud, but that’s another story . . . . .

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 - 01:01
Post 6278
  Sea News, Dover

General Recent Cruise Round-Up Port of Dover

Hark back now to Friday evening and we see the elegant Boudicca moving astern through the eastern exit in grey murky ol' conditions.. it wasn't a cheery evening and chilly too, but those three guys above the bridge there are hellbent on enjoying it all...and quite right toooo..

Soon after Boudicca left the harbour Seabourn Quest followed her you can see in the pix below. The glamourous ship looking good indeed. Seabourn was highlighting Iceland on her trip and Boudicca was heading to Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix...well its fab down there...yours truly can vouch for that! Smiley
The small working boat in the foreground of pic below is Pampero.

Seabourn Quest

Recently we had visits from AIDAaura and Viking Sun. Well here we have included an extra two pictures of the super Viking Sun to top up our previous shots...the final pic is from a former visit ...but who can resist.Smiley

Viking Sun

Quite a collection of impressive ships. Well done the Port of DoverSmiley

Thanks Jan...yes the moon looking good..Smiley


Monday, 20 May 2019 - 06:32
Post 6277
  JanT, Dover
Wow love the moon picture's always fascinating looks so close but always so far away.
Lots of great pictures over the past week.

Sunday, 19 May 2019 - 11:47
Post 6276
  Sea News, Dover

A few evenings ago in the stiff whipping breeze this small yacht above appeared to be struggling a wee bit just outside the harbour and was lent assistance/guidance by the Harbour Patrol Pilot Boat which escorted the yacht safely to harbour...
all the while this big moon gazed down on us all from just above. The evening was still bright, around 7pm ...

Blue Moon

Will have some round-up departure pictures of Seabourn Quest and Boudicca to follow along next with some extra cruise shots as well.


Sunday, 19 May 2019 - 05:58
Post 6275
  Sea News, Dover

Some pictures above there taken mid morning yesterday. It was a murky oul day for sure as you can see in the pictures, but then suddenly there was some brightness for a short time and there we are above...Seabourn Quest and Boudicca. We may have more pictures to follow if they're up to it...departure shots...but in the mean time here is a better look at the Seabourn Quest from a previous visit...


Saturday, 18 May 2019 - 07:04
Post 6274
  Sea News, Dover
A sequence now of the reefer Eastern Bay...arriving...turning..

Pictures taken in blinding sunlight last Sunday morning.
She left Dover for Vlissingen the following day.
We have a double-header of cruise ships again today...the traditional Boudicca and the ultra modern Seabourn Quest.


Friday, 17 May 2019 - 05:50
Post 6273
  Sea News, Dover

The harbour patrol boat with great concern came powering across the harbour at some speed when it noticed this jet ski amongst the 'pro swimmers' at the weekend. The sea was packed with swimmers, a big weekend for them, and as we know jet skis and swimmers don't mix. All boats/jet skis have to be in the designated outer zone but of course the problem is...they have to get there first .. and to get there they have to go through the swimmers. Fortunately those chaps on the ski seemed to be aware and appeared to be proceeding with caution....

The Benidorm or Bust Bad Boys and their Bangers :Smiley
Below we have a pic of the big rally yesterday morning along the seafront. Its a charitable run to Benidorm for old bangers much tarted up to look like...well ..old bangers. Great fun was had by all and as we understand, all to raise money for charity. There were 100 to 150 cars all lined along a buzzing seafront yesterday morning Wednesday, with the enthusiasts gathering at and in front of the Yacht Club. Ive made this pic as big as I can to show it all as best we can. Time of pic 07.44 yesterday morning Wednesday.
Its much quieter around here today.... no American horns whistling Dixie..


Thursday, 16 May 2019 - 05:16
Post 6272
  Sea News, Dover
Some pictures above there of the striking Viking Sun moving away on Monday evening in the freshening breeze. She came across the harbour rather than leave through the western exit which as we know is the norm. This gives extra photo opportunities for us so very welcome here. She was off to Dublin for a high old Emerald time....and quite right too.

The picture below shows her arriving the same morning...we're shooting into the blinding sun here but just about managing.

Later the same evening, much later in fact, about 20.30 and we see Saga Sapphire moving off as the light fades.
She was off on a long one to Canada and Niagara Falls...according to my info here.

Well now a fairly dull shot below but it shows the all new lighting poles at the western development. Yours truly never saw them going-up but suddenly there they were. I've pushed the pic as large as possible so that hopefully all can see the poles mentioned.
Don't nod off..Smiley


Wednesday, 15 May 2019 - 06:23
Post 6271
  Sea News, Dover
The Swimmers - pictures from the weekend.
The loneliness of the long distance swimmer...
Ships that pass in the night...
Endeavouring to show the crowds of swimmers at the weekend here but the pic doesn't convey it entirely successfully. There was a huge swim buzz a-goin' on. It was indeed a big weekend for ...what you might call...the pro-swimmers.

CHARLIE ELPHICKE MP: A record of action and a promise of more

Dear Mr Boland,

The local election campaign trail was a great opportunity to chat to people about what matters to them. Unsurprisingly, there was a sense of deep frustration over Brexit and a strong desire to get on with it – deal or no deal. We need to leave the EU and move on.

Yet the election also produced a hugely impressive set of results. An increased majority was a real testament to the hard work, teamwork and dedication of our local team. So much progress has been made locally in recent years. We’ve been working tirelessly to bring more jobs and money to our corner of Kent.

Back in 2010 things looked bleak. Unemployment locally had rocketed 50% in the Great Recession. Yet there are now 7,700 more people in work in Dover and Deal, while there has been more than £500 million of investment.

Nearly a year ago the new £50 million St James development opened. Where Burlington House once scarred the skyline, there now stands a brand-new multiplex cinema, shops and restaurants. Meanwhile the new leisure centre is a packed-out, massive success.

The £250 million Western Docks Revival is also well underway. I was lucky enough to walk along the new pier which opened recently. It will be a great asset for our community in the years to come.

In Deal, the town’s pier is undergoing its most comprehensive refurbishment with £500,000 of investment and £600,000 more to follow. The new Deal Pier Kitchen draws hundreds of visitors who can at last truly enjoy this iconic landmark. The long-awaited Regent cinema plans are progressing.

Big companies have set up shop in our district too. Multipanel UK relocated its manufacturing operation from China to Eythorne in 2014. Last year I visited their 24/7 operation, producing more than 500,000 square metres of aluminium composite panels a month. Bosses told me they have been so successful that they hope to open new production lines – and hire up to 100 more staff.

All this investment has been delivered with the lowest council tax in east Kent. This is what a strong vision and teamwork can achieve – real investment, excellent services and great value for money.

We’ve been able to deliver more jobs and money by getting the nation’s finances back in order. Unemployment is at a record low. We’ve also cared for the least well off by taking more than five million people out of paying income tax altogether. And over the past year wages have been rising well above inflation.

Much has been done. Yet there is much more to do. We need more investment in our roads, including a dualled A2 and lorry parks. We must focus like a laser beam on our high streets. We must strive for stronger borders.

And we want to get on with leaving the European Union. An incredibly bright future lies ahead – for this country and for our area. Let’s keep working together to deliver it.


The above newsletter is from Charlie Elphicke MP...this website does not necessarily agree with all the content.

Nadine Nearly Nods-Off : Yes its the Nadine Dorries deep-throated double-decker yawn... while the PM delivers more desperation during PMQ's in the House last week, and with frontbenchers and others seemingly all agog and riveted to the spot...the TV cameras swung wide and in that moment Dorries was caught by the aforementioned cameras in a gigantic yawn, a yawn that almost swallowed Hunt and Nokes in front of her. Some people say she has the concentration span of a gnat ..but one couldn't possibly comment. Smiley

Enjoyable odds and ends there below Mike. Particularly enjoyed the 'Chelsea' shot from the new pier. Smiley
Yes exciting changes afoot Jan and yes lots of activity. Yours truly still has yet more cruise ships, reefers, etc etc to catch up with. Smiley


Tuesday, 14 May 2019 - 06:25
Post 6270
  Mike J., Dover

Some Dover odds & ends, starting with the blunt ends of of the AIDAVITA & the COSTA MEDITERRANEA [with WHITDAWN alongside] on recent visits.

A close-up of one of the ‘Yoko’ floating fenders.
First introduced by the Yokohama Rubber Company.

In the Tidal Basin the smart Dover-based TERLYN.
The owner is very proud of her, note the protective padding between the fenders & the hull & on some of the mooring ropes to prevent any markings on the motor-yacht’s immaculate hull.

Come on you Blues !
At first I thought that the Chelsea FC’s supporters club had come down for a swim, but it was a couple of busloads of Belgian schoolkids re-arranging the beach by lobbing much of it back into the harbour.
Taken from the new Pier.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019 - 00:34
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