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Sea Pictures from Dover.

Sailing Ships just off Dover: Europa above and De Gallant below...

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Post 135
  PaulB, Dover (
By way of further homage to the dear departed Saga Ruby.
Here is a picture from a couple of years back which I had labelled 'Saga Ships' in the archive. The ship on the left looks like the Saga Ruby or could it be the Saga Rose..they were near identical as far as i could make out, The ship on the right is not Saga at all but the Ryndam from the Holland America Line. But for the life of me I cant remember now what the one in the middle is? Year is 2011. Picture was taken immediately after one of those summer storms, hence the soft light.

To mark the final departure I couldnt resist doing a mock-up as homage to the passing era. As the ship looks mightily from another time, even a tad Art Deco, I figured we could almost get back into that era by creating this (fake) postcard immediately below, just the way they used to make the postcards of old. And as she leaves and the band plays on, you can almost see Jay Gatsby nuzzling into those Pink Gins on the foredeck. Picture was of course taken thursday evening.

And speaking also of the near identical Saga Rose now no longer with us either. Here is another couple of old pictures from about six or seven years back. This time featuring the interior of the Saga Rose. These pictures were sent to me several years ago by Barry W-S. Ive never been on one of these Sagas myself but here we go. I imagine it was exactly the same on the Saga Ruby.

That's the oul dependable David Church below there through the mist Howard.
Well done as ever Paul Sampson - keep them coming as and when.

Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 06:47
Post 134
  howard mcsweeney, Dover
this has probably featured on this thread before but i cannot work out what exactly it is and does, no doubt ed or mike will know the answer.

Friday, 27 September 2013 - 15:40
Post 133
  howard mcsweeney, Dover
another taken by paul s yesterday, the "mair" which is a buoy/lighthouse maintenance vessel.

Friday, 27 September 2013 - 10:26
Post 132
  PaulB, Dover (
A great set of pictures all round there guys. Well done with those. Great stuff.
Yes indeed Dover gave the Saga Ruby a terrific send off. It was a mite sad to see her go, with the horns sounding and the water spraying. But age catches up with us all in the end I suppose. She really had that old world different era look to her..but now gone.

It was a spectacular goodbye though for are a few pix from me to add to the collection.
One of the tugs spraying in her path as she begins to move away out of shot.
The second tug doing the business as the Saga Ruby reaches open water..I didn't get a pic of the two spraying together unfortunately.
She begins to turn for Funchal with the pilot in attendance and one of the tugs returning. The send off complete.

Friday, 27 September 2013 - 07:03
Post 131
  Mike J., Dover
Ed -

Re the DAVID CHURCH - the answer to my query might be in DHB Notice to Mariners 34/12 which mentions shoaling & changes to currents in the vicinity of the blockship.

It's not possible to put up 'live links' here & even a partial one would take up two lines of text so it's probably better to go to the DHB website home page, then in turn -


Thanks for the Interesting photo of the contractors on the Breakwater, first time that I've seen vehicles out there.
Never imagined the DAVID CHURCH as a vehicle ferry !

Thursday, 26 September 2013 - 23:29
Post 130
  Kevin Charles, Dover
Fitting send off from the Port of Dover tugs to a loyal cruise customer. Here's hoping Saga have plans for some new tonnage to grace Dover, in addition to the Saga Sapphire and Saga Pearl II

Thursday, 26 September 2013 - 20:15
Post 129
  Dovert, Dover
...and another

Thursday, 26 September 2013 - 20:06
Post 128
  howard mcsweeney, Dover
many thanks to paul sampson of w.c.c.p for sending these in, taken late afternoon from st martin's battery.

a fitting farewell to the "saga ruby".

Thursday, 26 September 2013 - 20:03
Post 127
  JanT, Dover
Yes good luck to the new team at DHB, hopefully they will continue to keep Sea News updated as before, always good to hear of any projects they have in the pipeline.SmileySmiley

Some nice pictures guys always sad to see the end of the cruise ship season,but we have been treated to a fab array of pictures of the ones that have graced our seafront this season.SmileySmiley

Thursday, 26 September 2013 - 17:54
Post 126
  Ed Connell, Dover
Mike: Re the David Church dredging over the remains of the Spanish Prince. Don't know if there is still any build up of silt as there used to be when the blockship was still present. However, presume the area still has to be dredged in the same way as the rest of the harbour. David Church was over at the Knuckle Light yesterday landing her grab on the breakwater, and can also see a dumper truck in the photo. Very misty accounting for poor quality.

Thursday, 26 September 2013 - 15:54
Post 125
  Ed Connell, Dover
Dunkerque Seaways conducting the annual exchange of one of her MES (Marine Evacuation System) units during the weekly layover in Dunkerque West on Saturday night.

Thursday, 26 September 2013 - 15:44
Post 124
  Ed Connell, Dover
Another view of the Messina Strait at the Dover Cargo Terminal a couple of days ago, with Lyrika still on the Eastern Arm and listed as dead ship awaiting spares.

Thursday, 26 September 2013 - 15:38
Post 123
  PaulB, Dover (
Gosh you did very well getting that picture from the heights Howard. It looks great. I saw the Carnival Legend leaving last evening but could only see it faintly in shadowy outline sort of thing. She slipped away quietly in the foggy gloom and is sadly gone now and maybe for good...which is a bit of a pity. Thanks for all the very useful info Kevin. Yes saw the dredger Mike...Ed might know the answer to that one when he comes on. I think we did have discussion previously about the blockship effect heralding a change in the tidal situation.

And now as promised here we are with pictures of the new team at DHB. Clare Newman has departed as we saw in my previous post below.
Barbara Buczek on the left is now Head of Business and Corporate Affairs and Ben Greenwood on the right takes over as Business Development Manager, replacing Clare Newman, and will report to Barbara...there is more fuller info in my previous post below from yesterday if you scroll down..
SmileyGood luck to the new team.

I cant let the departure of the super Carnival Legend go by without a picture from yours truly. So in the best tradition of those TV pundits of yore..'s one I made earlier.

The Saga Ruby is in harbour for the final time as i write with the other Saga (Saga Sapphire) approaching. Visibilty still not great yet but not as bad as might improve.

Thursday, 26 September 2013 - 07:10
Post 122
  Mike J., Dover
Does anyone know why the DHB dredger DAVID CHURCH has been spending a lot of time in the last month or so working near the blockship by the Western Enntrance?

Is there unexpected shoaling there since the wreck was 'reduced' a year or two back ?


Wednesday, 25 September 2013 - 22:13
Post 121
  Kevin Charles, Dover
Larger reefer tonnage is now calling at Dover which would account for interesting statistics from DHB last week that Dover Cargo Terminal handles 26% of UK banana market. Interesting thought when your next in the supermarket!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 - 21:34
Post 120
  Kevin Charles, Dover
The season is certainly drawing to a close as the cruise ships head for warmer waters. Hope to see Carnival back soon although they are not operating in Northern Europe next year due to the high costs of air travel. They source passengers predominantly from the US.

The quieter winter months will see the roof on cruise terminal 1 replaced in a major £10 million contract.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 - 20:45
Post 119
  howard mcsweeney, Dover
sorry to say that the mist did not clear colette, took this at 2. 45 pm.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 - 19:00
Post 118
  ColetteB, Dover
The Carnival Legend is here today as scheduled, hopefully we will have some photos later when the mist clears as this is her final visit this season Smiley

Tomorrow we have the two Sagas in port, the Saga Ruby at CT2, T/R. as Kevin has already said this is her last visit to Dover before her retirement in December. The Saga Sapphire also returns to CT1. T/R. This is her last visit this season so it's the very last chance to photograph them both together.

Then on Sunday 29th September the Albatros returns to Dover at CT1 with a PoC for the last time this season. She was last here in August.

Monday brings the MV Empress back to Dover with a PoC at CT1, again for the last time this season. She was last here in May.

There are five cruise ships scheduled for October, the first one arrives on Tuesday October 1st in the shape of the AIDAmar at CT2, PoC. This is her first appearance this season, she was last here in September last year.

On Thursday October 3rd the Black Watch arrives, again for the first time this season for an embark only at CT1. She was last here in November last year.

Then on the following day Friday 4th, the Braemar is here again at CT1, T/R. No cruise ships then until she arrives back on Monday October14th, again at CT1, T/R.

A break then until Saturday 19th October when the Black Watch returns to CT1, T/R.

That's it for now until November 5th Smiley

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 - 12:18
Post 113
  PaulB, Dover (
Thanks for the reminder Kevin. Will certainly watch out for the final trip of the Saga Ruby and hope to get a decent picture or two.
Thats a smashin' pic you added there in the post below.
The other legend..the Carnival Legend, is in today. A great supership. There wont be many visits left now this year for the giants so always worth a look. At the moment as I write it is shrouded in mist and un-photographable.

The Port of Dover has appointed Ben Greenwood as Business Development Manager (Marine) as the Port looks to build even better relationships and develop stronger products with and for its cruise customers.

Ben, who originates from Australia, previously worked as Specialist Sales and Partnership Manager for Carnival Australia, part of Carnival Corporation PLC which represents the world's most popular cruise brands, comprising of approximately 80 per cent of the global cruise market.

Tim Waggott, pictured above..the Chief Executive, Port of Dover, said: "The appointment of Ben comes at an exciting time when we are working hard with our cruise business partners to deliver the very best customer service and explore new opportunities. Ben’s experience will be instrumental in taking our relationships and services to the next level."

Ben takes over from Clare Newman, former Port of Dover Business Delivery Manager, who is moving to London sightseeing firm City Cruises as Head of Sales and Marketing. Ben will be reporting to Barbara Buczek, Head of Business Development and Corporate Affairs, who has overall responsibility for business development at the Port of Dover, including cruise.

The new-look cruise team is at Seatrade Europe 2013 in Hamburg this week, Europe’s meeting point for the cruise industry. What better place to start work than at a gathering of over 260 cruise line executives! The Port of Dover will be at stand 405.

Mr Waggott added: "Our warmest wishes to Clare as she leaves this most famous stretch of sea for the most historic of rivers. We are sure that the experience gained and commitment she has shown working for the best port in the world will help her to be a fabulous success as she moves to the finest capital city in the world."


* *
Yesterday we had a visit from the Messina Strait and here she is making her way through the gloom to the sound of rampant foghorns in the background, helped as you can see by our regular tugs Doughty and Dauntless. She is doing the full 180 degree turn in the pic.

The very odd shape baffled us all in the beginning. Along with her equally unusual twin, the Magellan Strait, they are both new and it seems regular visitors here now at the cargo terminal. It was just in from Vlisengen ( I think that's how you spell it ! ) Smiley

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 - 06:53
Post 112
  Kevin Charles, Dover
Just a reminder that this Thursday (26 September) will be the last opportunity to see the classic Saga Ruby as she makes her final visit to Dover. She is being retired by Saga in December following a final cruise from Southampton.

She will be in Dover for the last time on Thursday alongside the Saga Sapphire. Saga Ruby is the last cruise ship to be built in Britain by Swan Hunter in 1973.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 - 21:41
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