Thursday, 20 June 2019

Just having sent Pacific Reefer on her way, the tugs turn back into the Summer (!!) gloom....

Featuring all the ships that come and go and work at the Port of Dover ..
... with further coverage of the surrounding ports.

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Post 6350
  Del Styan, Norwich
Glad you survived the thunder and lightning. I was woken up at around 3.00 am, but my wife slept through it all. Grrr!

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 - 23:08
Post 6349
  Sea News, Dover
Following along from my earlier post below...
here we are with the 'missing' three pictures from that post.
The Atlantic Reefer arriving on Sunday from Vlissingen in the Netherlands...

See also todays main post below...
and see also Mike's earlier shot of Atlantic Reefer in 6346.


Wednesday, 19 June 2019 - 08:06
Post 6348
  Sea News, Dover
Back to saturday now and we see the Luzon Strait depart in the pictures below for Bridgetown in Barbados. She came elegantly across the harbour this time in the watery sunlight to leave by the western exit...which of course suits us well as it presents further picture opportunity...keep doing it guys...Smiley

Here she goes....

Yours truly had intended to include Atlantic Reefer in this post as well to follow along from Mike's shot but annoyingly have had a slight malignant malfunction in the personal will catch up with those later. Bear with..

This DFDS item below is outside our usual Channel remit but will include this time as of course this website is seen further afield ...

Revel in the retro disco beats of 80s funk and soul of Imagination and Odyssey

• From disco divas to funk-soul brothers, music fans with a love of 80s nostalgia are being offered the chance to party on a North Sea Soul cruise this autumn.

What do Level 42, Martha and the Vandellas, Craig Charles and the Brand New Heavies have in common? They’ve all headlined North Sea Sounds – award-winning ferry company DFDS’s floating concerts, held on board its Newcastle to Amsterdam ships each year.

The line-up for 2019 includes 80s flamboyant funk trio Imagination featuring Leee John, and disco legends Odyssey. They will play full sets featuring hits including 'Body Talk', 'Use It Up' and 'Native New Yorker' as the ship sets sail from Newcastle on 8 November.

Early bird prices for the two-night mini cruise start from £94 per person each way for bookings made before 16 October 2019. The price includes cabin accommodation for overnight outbound and return crossings, plus dinner and breakfast each way. Guests will arrive in Amsterdam at 10am on 9 November and have up to five hours to explore the Dutch city before returning on an overnight sailing, arriving in Newcastle at 9.15am on 10 November.

Imagination are fronted by Leee John, one of the pioneers of black British music, tracing the roots of his sound to the deep soul of 1970s America. The group broke box office records with a series of London shows in the early 1980s and sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, with popular hits including ‘Body Talk’, ‘In and Out of Love’ and ‘Music and Lights’. Leee released his most recent album, Retropia, in 2017. As well as chalking up over 40 years of chart success, Imagination’s music has influenced other chart-toppers including Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey.

Oydssey’s best-known smash hit ‘Native New Yorker’ came from their debut album and was an international hit in 1977. Fronted by Lillian Lopez, the band produced a string of hits in the 1980s, including 'Use It Up and Wear It Out’ and ‘If You’re Lookin’ for a Way Out.’ Now led by Lillian’s son, Steven Collazo, Odyssey continue to tour the UK and Europe and their music has been sampled by Tindersticks, and Electribe 101. Vocalist Romina Johnson is well-known for her collaboration with producer Artful Dodger on the 2000 hit ‘Movin’ Too Fast.’

The North Sea Sounds concept has been running on DFDS’ Newcastle-Amsterdam route for five years. Unlike other ferry mini cruise offerings, DFDS attracts star names, not tribute acts, for the sell-out voyages. The events are co-organised and promoted by Newcastle-based 'Jumpin’ Hot Club'.

Tickets for previous North Sea Sounds cruises have sold out within weeks and customers are encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment. For more information visit or call 0871 522 9955.


* *

This morning the observation tower is delightfully in one piece after a torrid night of crashing thunder and flashing lightning....I think I hear another rumble as I write and the sky is a delicious shade of black looking to the west.
Me timbers are a-bracin' for further rattlin' Smiley

Del Smiley


Wednesday, 19 June 2019 - 07:07
Post 6347
  Del Styan, Norwich
Wot - no pic of the befuddled pigeon.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 - 23:05
Post 6346
  Mike J., Dover
An interesting selection from Patrick & Paul, here’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Arrival of ATLANTIC REEFER on 16/6 from Vlissingen.

AIS shows her making a brief Dover visit before returning to Vlissingen which seems a little unusual.
She’s now back deep-sea & crossing the Atlantic.
Her recent trading pattern has been Georgetown [Barbados] – Dover – Vlissingen - Dover – Vlissingen & now en route Parmaribo [Surinam].

Monday I was held up by the a test lift of the new Wellingtno Dock bridge. .A pigeon settled on the bridge when it was briefly almost vertical & seemed confused when his whole world started tilting but hung on until his nerve broke.

Mission Control

The cofferdam has been removed from the ‘outside’ lock gates into the new marina but the one at the Wellington Dock end of the cut remains so no craft have yet passed thru yet.
There is now water in the new channel.

The BOUDICCA sneaked in much earlier than expected at around 0400 from Eidford in Norway & was met by the DUZGIT HARMONY about 0800.

The BOUDICCA still carries her Royal British Legion ‘branding’
Apparently the lettering & poppies round the on the front of the accommodation is on some sort of canvas or tarpaulin & can be easily removed. [must have been boring for anyone whose nice view from their forward -facing cabin was blotted out].
The hull ‘decorations’ will probably need painting over - maybe they'll be left there for a while.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 - 09:20
Post 6345
  Sea News, Dover
You can see the picture at the top of page currently...the tugs just having helped Pacific Reefer on her way...well here is the very same, moments later... Pacific Reefer on her way...

Another gloomy shot of the tugs above there. This is supposed to be 'Flaming June' but currently there is more flame in a flame-grilled Whopper...Smiley Since Pacific Reefer departed a few days ago we have had more reefers in to Port...we will catch up with those...

Just keeping the current gloomy theme...some pictures below of the Calais Seaways battling her way through the strong winds a few days ago..

Okay its not all gloom...we do get the odd moment of bright sunshine
AIDAaura moves away on what looks like a summer evening...
on her way to the Norwegian Fjords...

Changing the Varne Lightship...well I never! Good capture below there PatrickSmiley


Tuesday, 18 June 2019 - 04:53
Post 6344
  Patrick, Marine Parade
Double Take. Up on the Heights this afternoon. Out in the channel haze trained the binoculars on a distant outline where I knew the Trinity House vessel 'Patricia' was working with 'Alert'. You know how sometimes you get a double image if the lenses are not adjusted quite correctly, so thought the view before me needed a wee bit of fine tuning - only to be denied the single image I was looking for whilst twiddling the focus in both directions. Well, it turned out not to be so and to be the real thing. THV 'Patricia' was changing over the Varne Light Vessel and towing the old one back to the their base at Harwich. Strike a Light!

Monday, 17 June 2019 - 21:42
Post 6343
  Patrick, Marine Parade
A 'lost' yacht anchored near to the new Marina Pier on Friday obtains a helping hand from the Harbour Launch.

Monday, 17 June 2019 - 09:53
Post 6342
  Sea News, Dover


British ferry company P&O Ferries has been awarded the title of Best Sea Crossing Operator for groups at this year’s Group Travel Awards, in a ceremony which took place at Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel in London last week.

Featuring in a competitive category against other operators providing services between Britain and the continent, P&O Ferries were once again victorious, having previously held the title in 2016.

David Ashcroft, Key Account Manager, Group Travel at P&O Ferries collected the award on the night and commented, “It’s an honour to receive this award championing our services. Our dedicated Coach and Group Services team work hard to ensure that our offering meets the needs of many – giving great value for money, plus plenty of onboard facilities. Our sincerest thank you to everyone who voted for us.”

Now in its 23rd year, the Group Travel Awards celebrate the very best suppliers to the group travel industry. This year the awards ceremony was hosted by BAFTA award-winning television presenter Michaela Strachan, who welcomed winners from the 26 nominated award categories (voted for by readers of GTO magazine and the Group Travel Grapevine) and five special editor’s awards.

P&O Ferries is a leading pan-European ferry and logistics company, sailing 27,000 times a year on eight major routes between Britain, France, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium. It operates more than 20 vessels, which carry 8.4 million passengers and 2.3 million freight units annually.

For more information on P&O Ferries visit For more information on the awards visit


* *

Above we have two pictures taken on Saturday of the Border Force cutter Searcher in the Port .. she is seen pausing above there between cruise terminals as we look across the 'workings'. There was more migrant activity in the Channel at the weekend and you can see a dinghy alongside...hard to tell in the pix if its a migrant dinghy or indeed one the Border Force use themselves. The picture below was taken a couple of days earlier...Searcher again, but a fair way out in the murky gloomy Channel.

Many thanks once again to the team at P&O Ferries for the information.


Monday, 17 June 2019 - 06:08
Post 6341
  Sea News, Dover
Bunker Ship Skaw Provider....

You see the vessel leaving the Port above there and then the pilot boat moving alongside. Skaw Provider had been providing bunker services for the Crystal Serenity when she was in Port a few days ago...just catching up with her now. In the picture below you can see her an hour earlier alongside Crystal Serenity... doing the necessary. In the final shot below...Crystal Serenity leaving an hour after Skaw Provider. Further pictures below page of Crystal Serenity....


Sunday, 16 June 2019 - 06:06
Post 6340
  Sea News, Dover
Now we have the early arrival of of the smaller Aida ships calling here at 43,000 tons approx. Pictures from last Tuesday... she was/is on a 14 day round trip from Hamburg ... highlights of trip include Dover, Gijon, Bilbao, St Malo, le Havre plus...
She was with us here in Dover on the same day as Sea Cloud II ( see further below ).
And here she comes....

Well done Mike - a nice all round collection below there...Smiley


Saturday, 15 June 2019 - 05:11
Post 6339
  Mike J., Dover

More on the SEA CLOUD 2 on Tuesday - arriving, alongside & sailing.

Admiralty Pier was closed beyond the Turret, as happens most of the time when a cruise ship is on Cruise-2.

Occasionally when the more paranoid cruise ships come in the whole Ad.Pier is closed completely, to the disgust of the anglers [& the shipspotters].

First time that I've been up by the Turret & met another ship photgrapher, the anglers don't usually show much interest in the shipping & the General Public, coming up for a stroll, are very rare indeed.

There is no truth to the rumour that you have to pay to walk up the pier as a non-angler.

Saturday, 15 June 2019 - 01:39
Post 6338
  Sea News, Dover
And now catching up as promised with the latest Sea Cloud II pictures ..
.....which were taken on Tuesday (11th) at 1700 hours ( 5pm) we go...

She is quite a sight indeed and as Patrick said it must be great to see her in full sail...eventually we will.... Off she goes above in bright blue conditions heading for exotic locations Honfleur, St Malo, Cork, Dublin plus …

We also have collections coming in the pipeline of AIDAaura, Skaw Provider, Saga Sapphire etc lots more to come.

Yes Jan a tempting menu below there Smiley

Friday, 14 June 2019 - 06:11
Post 6337
  JanT , Dover
P&0 has unveiled its new healthy menu to travellers crossing the channel, I must say it all sounds very tempting. for those who like to dine while crossing the channel they have a lots to choose from. Well done P&O for keeping we travellers healthy. Smiley

Thursday, 13 June 2019 - 13:33
Post 6336
  Sea News, Dover


Increased variety of vegan and vegetarian options ahead of World Meat Free Week (17-23 June)
New menu developed in partnership with BaxterStorey

British ferry operator P&O Ferries has unveiled an extensive new menu on board its Dover to Calais and North Sea routes, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients to suit vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike.

Elevating the on board dining experience for customers, the final selection for the new Brasserie menu, which can be viewed here, was decided in partnership with the UK’s largest independent hospitality provider BaxterStorey.

Menu highlights include a range of delicious new starters and sharing platters, including a Vegetarian Platter which boasts feta cheese, potato salad and stuffed vine leaves, amongst other tasty items.

Mains include a halloumi burger served in a beetroot bun and a white bean cassoulet, with a side of chive mashed potatoes. For vegans, a tasty vegan pizza topped with vegan cheese and roasted vegetables is available, as well as linguine all’arrabbiata served with hard vegan cheese, sun blushed tomatoes and olives.

Sarah Rosier, Director of Passenger Sales at P&O Ferries, said: “There’s nothing better than starting a holiday right with a great meal and sea views. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our on board food offering lives up to the culinary standards that we know our customers expect, with this new menu designed to offer high quality, tasty meals to suit a range of tastes.”

“In collaboration with BaxterStorey, every ingredient has been carefully selected with our commitment to supporting the British farming industry in mind and we are very much looking forward to serving up these dishes throughout the summer.”

Noel Mahony, co-chief executive at BaxterStorey said: “We are delighted to be working with P&O Ferries in creating a quality food offering, supported by a highly trained culinary team, which celebrates the very best in seasonal fresh produce.

“We very much look forward to welcoming customers into The Brasserie restaurant for a dining experience enjoying the best of local British food whilst surrounded by impressive sea views”.

A number of other diverse dishes are also on offer for meat and fish lovers. A tempting Mediterranean Platter includes a selection of meats, olives, pesto and sun blushed tomatoes, alongside other classic starters such as soup, ham hock terrine and smoked salmon. Plates from the grill include steak and roast chicken served with fries. An impressive beef burger and pork belly with mash also accompany fresh seafood - roast cod and salmon, both served with potatoes.

To finish off a meal, tasty treats from The Brasserie dessert menu await. Favourites include a chocolate and coffee opera cake, boasting indulgent layers, a perfectly sharp lemon tart which comes with fresh raspberries and a fruit compote, as well as a varied cheese board.

Those travelling on an overnight crossing from Hull to Rotterdam or Zeebrugge, or heading off on a bright and early Dover to Calais sailing, can begin the day right by sampling the new breakfast options. Choose from a Full English or vegetarian breakfast including an egg cooked however you like it, or a continental breakfast basket complete with pastries, ham, cheese, and a number of condiments, or smoked salmon with avocado if you’re looking for something extra.

A fixed price menu option offers two courses for just £16.50. An additional saving of up to 10% is on offer for advance online dining bookings on North Sea sailings.

There are up to 23 sailings a day between Dover and Calais with P&O Ferries, which are 90 minutes in duration, giving flexibility to fit your schedule and ensuring a relaxing trip across the Channel. Daily overnight crossings from Hull to Zeebrugge and Rotterdam also operate with a range of comfortable cabin accommodation options, discount shopping and onboard entertainment.

P&O Ferries also recently extended its ‘Brexit Buffer’ offer, giving free cancellations for all bookings made up until 31st October, to ease any travel uncertainty.

For more information, or to book a crossing visit


Many thanks to the team at P&O Ferries once again...Smiley

* *

Just catching up now with some more of Boudicca, this time as she returns to normal duties. Yes the D-Day voyage is over and its back to the normal can see her below coming about just outside Port as she heads to Bergen and the Norwegian Fjords …

The magnificent Crystal Serenity moves away to Dublin, and beyond then to further Celtic callings and further on to Reykjavik in Iceland.

Thanks Jan yes good to see the Port working to improve its Carbon Footprint ...Smiley
Well done to Mike and Patrick for the posts below there. Great stuffSmiley
No the 'observation tower' hasn't missed them Mike but quite a backlog to get through here at the moment. Up next Sea Cloud and AIDAaura… not sorted as yet, still in camera ... but getting there....



Thursday, 13 June 2019 - 07:05
Post 6335
  Mike J., Dover

Catch-up time.

The CRYSTAL SERENITY seems to have sneaked past the Observation Tower unnoticed on Monday when she arrived from Honfleur just as dawn was dawning.
She later sailed, seemingly equally unnoticed, for Dublin’s fair city . .

Thursday, 13 June 2019 - 01:01
Post 6334
  Patrick, Marine Parade
Yesterdays double clutch of arrivals featured the very elegant barque - 'SEA CLOUD II' Cruise Liner and the 'AIDA aura'. The sailing vessel was unfortunately hidden from my view by the new RCT Terminal (and the odd sand heap) but here she is departing in the later afternoon sunshine destined for Honfleur via Portsmouth. Must look great in full sail.

Next to depart our shores was the well packed 'AIDA aura', gleaming as usual in bright sunlight as she departed the Western Docks from CT2 with packed rear decks to look back on our port, the white cliffs and historic Castle. Hope they enjoyed their stay. She is destined for the north Spanish port of Gijon.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 - 21:27
Post 6333
  JanT, Dover
Well done to DFDs have travelled across the channel with them many times and hopefully will do so this summer.
always a smooth sail.
And good the Port is taking climate change serious hopefully many more will.

Nice to see you chaps have been busy with pictures and information,keep it up always good to read the posts.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 - 11:54
Post 6332
  Sea News, Dover
DFDS named Europe's Leading Ferry Operator for 8th consecutive year
• The World Travel Awards ceremony took place in Madeira on 8th June

Picture by George Holland

DFDS has been named ‘Europe’s Leading Ferry Operator’ at the World Travel Awards™, for the eighth consecutive year.

The awards ceremony, which is now in its 26th year, took place in Madeira, Portugal on 8th June 2019, bringing together over 300 of the leading figureheads and VIPs from across Europe in celebration of standout hospitality.

The awards recognise excellence in the global travel and tourism industry and winners are decided by votes from the public and travel industry professionals.

Peder Gellert, Executive Vice President & Head of Ferry Division says: “We are delighted to be named ‘Europe’s Leading Ferry Operator’ at the World Travel Awards for the 8th consecutive year. It is always a testament to our teams on board and ashore who work incredibly hard to provide our passengers with the best possible service.

“We value this award highly as it is decided by both the public and industry professionals – those who have first-hand experience with our service and our people. We’re always innovating to bring our passengers new on-board offerings to enhance their travel experience with us. We remain passionate about providing a modern ferry travel experience that is all about the joy of the journey. We will continue to strive to improve and exceed passenger expectations.’’

DFDS operates a comprehensive passenger route network, including four services from the UK to Europe, via Dover-Dunkirk, Dover-Calais, Newhaven-Dieppe and Newcastle-Amsterdam, offering passengers a gateway to Europe. The company also operates a number of ferry routes across the Baltic Sea and a cruise ferry service between Copenhagen and Oslo.

For more information or to book a DFDS trip visit:

Cote des Dunes amongst the dunes of Northern France.


* *

Port of Dover reveals new solar panelled roofing

The Port has proven its mission to be a sustainable Port for the future by transforming its former multi-storey car parks into state of the art, solar panelled roofing.

This bold move contributes to the Port’s aim of reducing carbon footprint by 5% each year, working towards a zero carbon future. It has already been successful in achieving reductions in its carbon footprint (41% since 2008), exceeding EU and UK targets to achieve a 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020.

Liz Fagg, Environment Manager from the Port of Dover says:
“The impact of climate change on our fragile environment has never been so apparent. As one of the world’s busiest passenger ports, it is important that we source our energy from sustainable sources and capturing solar generated energy does just that.”

The two previous multi storey car parks were above the current Passenger Terminal in the Eastern Docks Ferry Terminal. In 2016, the building was refurbished as part of the Traffic Management Improvement Project. This new roof, which includes the solar panels and new cladding is the final phase of the re-construction and will be complete in the summer.

The Port has been working in partnership with Beond energy consultants and EvoEnergy.


* *

Many thanks to both DFDS and the Port of Dover for sending the info through....

Some further pictures now of Seabourn Ovation this time capturing her evening departure, as she heads for Stavanger and the Norwegian Fjords.

* *

Just rounding off with some bright mid-day shots of EMS Vulcan..a familiar friend, as Mike has pictured her for us a few times, and here she is giving it some power as she arrives at the Port a couple of days ago....

Del well said below...Smiley
Much more to come, we are still catching up...



Wednesday, 12 June 2019 - 07:06
Post 6331
  Del Styan, Norwich
Fascinating pics and words from Ted. I had no idea that wreck was there.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019 - 23:05
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