Tuesday, 26 May 2020

….. On Dover Seafront
The wild flowers are now in bloom on Dover Seafront as we look across at Arcadia...also in shot bunker ship Andros and to the misty right...Disney Magic. More 'magical' images of Disney below page.
Dover Seafront...wild flowers with Dover Castle.

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Doug Bannister: Open Letter re Covid-19 Critical Supply from Port of Dover CEO 6968.
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P&O FERRIES 1100 staff laid off and Furloughed to HMG scheme , see 6909.
P&O Ferries secure vital flow of goods, medicines...see below, post 6901.
DFDS Coronavirus announcements below see post 6880 and 6885.

P&O Ferries present record breaking cheque to Dover Lifeboat...post 6874 below.
P&O Ferries - European Expansion 6867
Hurtigruten and the Port of Dover see 6857...see also pictures in 6856 and 6859.

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Post 7029
  Sea News, Dover
Its a wee bit quiet at the moment, not a lot happening, so it gives us a chance to include some more general seafront pictures...with added wild flowers, a novelty at this time of year. The pictures at the top of the page will eventually be disappearing as per usual, so its good to have these on the system. And here we are...

Dover Seafront

Dover Seafront

Out there in the gloom yesterday was a tall ship called Tres Hombres ( even with my ultra rudimentary Spanish... that's got to be...Three Men ). I think she was doing a round trip from Amsterdam but yours truly couldn't get a clear picture...its not that she was that far away, but the gloom did for us...
Tres Hombres - poor quality alas....


Monday, 25 May 2020 - 05:57
Post 7028
  Sea News, Dover
Disney Magic and the Lifeboats.

Wider shot....

These pictures above from Friday morning around 11.30. As you can see the Disney Magic is still at pier WD4 and is obviously carrying out a drill above there... lowering the lifeboats etc...yours truly was lucky enough to spot a moment easily missed. All appeared to go well and it all went back to normal afore long...
the ship is still at Wd4 and weathered the rough weather there yesterday....all appears well...

This chap was nearly caught out with the swiftly incoming tide a few evenings ago. I grabbed the camera in haste as spotted a car unattended in the water. Give that car...thought I....another few minutes and it wont be going anywhere. Yours truly was ready with the camera for a scoop. But just in time the chap came charging back and happily pulled out of what could have been an awkward situation..

All's well that ends well....SmileySmiley


Sunday, 24 May 2020 - 07:12
Post 7027
  Sea News, Dover
Another shot above there of Oceana approaching the Port on Thursday this week...this shot follows along from yesterdays similar pic (post 7026) but obviously is a closer picture... Oceana has since left us again, off on one of her channel excursions...dizzying...
Slightly experimental picture...

I thought Disney Magic was about to do the same in the first picture along but no....

She was oh so gently and slowly moving stern first onto pier WD4. Gently was the word, This ship is immaculate...we don't want any possibility of damage... No mishaps...Nosirree Bob!

Yours truly has no idea why she moved from Cruise Terminal 2.

ps: have some pix of her lowering her lifeboats yesterday...will get those up tomorrow.

Saturday, 23 May 2020 - 06:28
Post 7026
  Sea News, Dover

Another shot of Arcadia there at pier WD4 to run in harmony with the pic currently at the top of page..the bow of ship hugely dominating the pedestrian shelter at the end of the new pedestrian pier. In the background we see the Disney Magic...as Mike said she has since moved over ever so gently to WD4 as Arcadia left the Port again..these lay-over cruise ships are truly zipping in and out...

Below we see Oceana approaching on...let me see... oh yesterday.. the 21st early morning.. she left us again last night. Busy Busy....

And another early dreamy pic of the ever popular Disney Magic.
Yes she is now at WD4. Will have a further pic or two showing her moving over. Bear with...so much stuff, so little time...Smiley

Smiley The ships joined in once again for the Clap for the NHS and Carers everywhere last night at 8PM. A great response along the seafront all round... Smiley...ring dem bells, bash those pots...


Nice collection and info below Mike... Love the ponies...Smiley


Friday, 22 May 2020 - 06:20
Post 7025
  Mike J., Dover
A few more pix from the arrival of the DISNEY MAGIC & ARCADIA on Tuesday,

Langdon Hole. as DISNEY MAGIC approaches.

I remember the Exmoor ponies back putting in an appearance on 7/15 for the MAGIC's first arrival [post 2173].

The DISNEY MAGIC shifted to WD4 during Thursday afternoon.

OCEANA paid Dover another brief visit on Thursday & is currently heading back down-Channel to Weymouth again.

Border Force & Dover lifeboat were busy during the morning after what seemed like a swarm of migrant RIBs coming across overnight in perfect migrant-smuggling weather & media reports 157 migrants landed today.

Dovorians & visitors will be pleased to know the National Trust's carpark on Langdon Cliffs reopened on Thursday will be open daily 0900-1800 which seems a llttle mean as I'm sure many & people would like to park up there in the evening to watch the sun go down.

The Cafe & Visitor Centre will NOT be re-opening for the present.

Friday, 22 May 2020 - 02:56
Post 7024
  Sea News, Dover

Above we have Aurora arriving back at the port a couple of days ago..catching the dazzling early morning light...the constant stream of cruise ships a-comin' and goin' is giving yours truly a touch of the 'deja vu'...but yes just double checked...picture above is from Tuesday..

Then below we have Wednesday morning and the giant Arcadia moves slowly across to berth at the 'grain pier' WD4...well I used to call it the 'grain pier' but not sure now as the plans seem to have changed. She came in bow first this time...perhaps as an antidote to the recent mishap when she got her rear dented..Smiley

The Disney Magic as magical backdrop...

Arcadia left us again last evening at about 5.30pm with a thunderous rasp of her horns.

That one made me laugh out loud Del...SmileySmiley


Thursday, 21 May 2020 - 06:26
Post 7023
  Del Styan, Norwich
Nice to see Syd the seagull again. Shame the shot was spoiled by that boat behind him.Smiley

Wednesday, 20 May 2020 - 23:08
Post 7022
  Sea News, Dover

Some more Magic...yes Disney Magic...

A sequence there of the arriving Disney Magic yesterday morning tuesday, and a very welcome sight she is too. The ship looks immaculate as ever. We haven't heard the.."when you wish upon a star" jingle yet but give it time, it possibly only happens when the ship is full of passengers and ready for the off.. if that's the case then we may be waiting....

Also arriving this morning as we speak...Arcadia
Will just nip away from this for a moment to get a few shots!

Yes there we are... in the bag! Smiley

Smiley A nice collection below from Mike, Disney Magic and Aurora...don't miss those..

Smiley Thanks Mike W for the information there...very welcome. Nice bit of Gaelic as well there. I have some info from the port on this arrangement, follows along nicely from your info below...will add it in a moment.. bear with...

Yes here we are...ADDED EXTRA

Port of Dover Cargo welcomes new customer Aggregate Industries

Port of Dover Cargo Ltd processed 30,000 tonnes of bulk aggregate through its new Terminal for the first time this week as the team welcomed Aggregate Industries (AI) for its debut visit to Dover.

The Yeoman Bank vessel transported 30,000 tonnes of Glensanda Type 1 cargo into Dover on 12th May ready for distribution across the East Kent region.

Nik Scott-Gray, General Manager at Port of Dover Cargo said:
“The team is delighted to be handling yet another new commodity and to be working with AI, a leading construction supplier. We are going from strength to strength since the new Terminal became operational at the end of last year, and that’s testament to our excellent Business Development team. My thanks go to Nick Dixon, our Business Development Manager for working hard to form these important new relationships.”

Simon Turk, Logistics Director at Aggregate Industries added:
“Aggregate Industries are extremely pleased to have been able to "fast track" the opportunity with the Port of Dover for the importation of the inaugural cargo of Glensanda aggregates for supply into the East Kent region, in cooperation with JH Haulage Limited.

The vessel discharge operations were conducted efficiently by Dover Cargo Limited assisted by Rail Freight Services Limited, offloading the cargo within 13.5 hours from arrival of the Yeoman Bank. We are excited by this new market opportunity and the developing relationship with the Port of Dover.”



Wednesday, 20 May 2020 - 06:26
Post 7021
  Mike J., Dover

Arrival Tuesday morning of the DISNEY MAGIC followed by the AURORA who didn't stay long, sailing back to Weymouth at 1800.

The P&O Dover/Weymouth shuttle service continues on Wednesday with the ARCADIA on a smilarly brief visit, with the OCEANA following on Thursday.i

Fitful sun until the AURORA entered, looking forward to Paul's pix of the entries & manoeuverings in the bay.

The DISNEY MAGIC is expected to remain in port for about a week before heading down to the Med with her first cruise scheduled to start from Barcelona.

Just heard that Capt.Tom will soon be Capt.Sir Tom.
Excellent news !

Wednesday, 20 May 2020 - 01:19
Post 7020
  Mike Waight, Wiltshire
Re Post #7012: the "Yeoman Bank" spends most of its life running between Glen Sanda (Loch Linnhe, not far from the Isle of Mull) and NW European ports; in the past almost exclusively the Thames, carrying pulverised rock, crushed rock, etc., which is dug out of "Meall na Easaiche" a granite mountain. Occasionally it makes voyages to other destinations and this time it was Dover with what appears to be very finely crushed rock.

The ship is owned by Foster-Yeoman and is a self-discharging bulk carrier.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020 - 14:55
Post 7019
  Sea News, Dover

The hottest news this morning is of course the arrival of the exciting Disney Magic...and there she is above, picture taken some minutes ago...tis a soft mornin'.. time of picture 06.19. Syd the Seagull didn't want to miss out on the arrival..he's a big Disney fan you know...

Aurora followed along into Port just minutes behind, we will have more of that one later...we're all agog and dazzled with Cruise Ships once again here in Dover.. More Disney later...
And of course more Disney Magic from previous visits in our 'Search Engine' above...

The scheduled pictures below...
We focus on Border Force Searcher passing by on the hi-visibility evening a short while ago (15th). In the first shot here you can see the suction dredger Arco Avon following along behind... Boulogne even creeps into one of these pix again...the Border Force is immensely busy these days as you will know.

Quadruple whammy! Smiley

Just grabbed this arrival picture of the Atlantic Reefer ...looking across the Port..do-able once Arcadia isn't blocking out the light.!.Smiley
pictured just after midday Sunday...

And then Sky Princess below on an earlier gorgeous evening...heading to the Mediterranean ( Limassol ) we understand. Shouldn't think it was carrying passengers but lockdown is unlocking down in some of the southern warmer countries, so there may be a cruise passenger or two to be had sooner down there...


Tuesday, 19 May 2020 - 07:28
Post 7018
  Sea News, Dover

Fighting to save local jobs

The coronavirus outbreak is having a profound impact. Not just on our health and the economy, but also on how we communicate and how we work. It will do so for some time to come.

When all of this is said and done, nothing will quite be the same. The world has changed. But change is not always for the worse.

There has been such a fast adjustment to different ways of working. I have been so impressed by pace at which so many people have adapted to and embraced these changes, learning new computing and other skills, working on different jobs from their usual one.

Nowhere is change more apparent that in Parliament. Five hundred years of history has been overturned at a stroke. MPs can ask questions, even of the Prime Minister, from their computers and iphones. From this week MPs can now vote over the web for the first time, ever. Changes which would never be possible in ‘peacetime’ became necessary and Parliament has had to adapt, and will continue to change with the times.

As have schools, offices and even GPs, with telephone and online appointments with doctors now commonplace. Businesses and working practices have changed overnight too. Remote working, once considered a poor substitute for the office, now looks set to be permanent.

But not every business can change in the same way. Right here and now in our area some of the sectors that have been particularly hard-hit are the cross-Channel ferry services, retail and the hospitality industry. That includes the many, many small businesses in our area who will be crucial to our recovery. Many such businesses and workers are benefitting from the grants and loans, tax holidays, direct payment of wages, increases and rule changes for welfare that Government has provided to support them in the short term.

Over the longer term though, we will need to work hard at recovery. For me, that means supporting the many local businesses who are reliant on tourism and the port, as well as ensuring the education and skills training for our area supports the new opportunities that undoubtedly the next phase will bring.

I have been making a strong case to safeguard and support jobs at the port, in the ferry industry and our wider local economy. P&O’s financial problems have threatened hundreds of local jobs so I have held talks with company bosses, trade union leaders and Government Ministers. For companies who have used Government support schemes, I have been clear that with taxpayer support must come a commitment to British jobs and our local workforce.

It is undoubtedly going to be tough in the weeks and months ahead. But be in no doubt that I am standing up for our community and our livelihoods.

Natalie Elphicke MP

We want to say a big 'Good Luck' to Natalie in her effort to save the P&O jobs here in Dover and beyond.

* *

Harking back a few days and we see the evening departure of Oceana on another one of her channel runs...however because the visibility was so good...we were tempted to mostly feature Boulogne here. The super alert will notice I have used the same shot as shown a few days ago...of Boulogne and the Varne lightship...this so they are all together for future reference purposes.
Here we go...

Mike informs me that TTMS Viking ( see posts below 7015, 7014 ).... is now back in Tilbury.


Great collections from Mike below...Don't Miss Those... plus the info Smiley Thanks to Nigel too...Smiley
Thanks Brian - will have some general Border Force shots tomorrow..Smiley


Monday, 18 May 2020 - 06:03
Post 7017
  Mike J., Dover

A couple of items that I forgot to mention in my re-posted post.

Paul mentioned that berths 8/9 ere back in use - the missing anchor is no problem in normal weather but if the weather deteriorates with strong southwesterlies & the ferries start to be needing to use their anchors again P&O will probably shift back to using pier Echo & 6./ berths.
So the search continues . . . . . .

AIS shows the DISNEY MAGIC due in at 0445 on Tuesday, on what is probably a positioning voyage from Florida in the hopethat cruising in European water will restart soon.
The odd thing is why she is coming to Dover when her first cruise of her ‘European Season’ is supposed to start from Barcelona on 7 June.
Perhaps Disney prefer Dover to Barcelona ? Quite right too !

Finally a couple of pix courtesy of Dover Strait Shipping, taken from angles that are no longer available to the public since access to the Admiralty Pier was closed after damage to the new temporary walkway in November gales with no signs of any start to repairs.
A privilege much missed.

The UNION GARNET on WD5 with an unusual cargo of citrous fruit from South Africa instead of the usual bananas on Saturday.
Rather rather a nice hull colour I thought [if a little rusty] previously used in the past by P&O's General Cargo Division after they amalgamated their cargo ship companies & also used by P&O's Orient Line cruise ships.

Sunday afternoon saw the arrival of the ATLANTIC REEFER who was preparing to sail for Vlissingen at 0230 Monday.

Monday, 18 May 2020 - 02:43
Post 7016
  brian dixon, dover
yes mike it was busy for sure,90 of them according to kent online

Sunday, 17 May 2020 - 17:20
Post 7015
  Mike J., Dover

I made a post at about 0230 Sunday morning about the missing anchor from the SPIRIT OF FRANCE during the gales earlier last week.
The post showed up OK but when I checked SN at 0830, there it was, gone.

Very strange, not the first time this has happened, so here's a second attempt.

During strong southwesterlies ferries often drop their starboard anchors on a short length of chain & allow the anchors to drag along the seabed to reduce the tendency of the bows to swing downwind as they back towards the berth & aiding the thuerst from the bow thruster[s] which are pushing the bows against the wind,

The diveboat EAGLE, with the assist of survey vessel DIANA bad been searching for the anchor for several days without success & were joined on Saturday by the tug TTMS VIKING from Tilbury.

This was well covered by Paul but was again unsuccesful & the VIKING, on Sunday morning, was returning to the Thames.

There are two interesting Notice to Mariners about the missing anchor on DHB's website & these can be found by going to the home page & clicking on 'Operations'

The EAGLE alongside the TTMS VIKING while a Border Force patrol vessel passes with two migrant RIBs in tow,

Saturday was a busy day in the migrants business with the lifeboat helping out towing in a RIB, both local patrol vessels in action & the cutter VIGILANT coming into the bay at one stage.

The VIKING is a classic 'old time' tug, built in 1965 in Lowestoft as the BARGARTH & has changed hands several times.

She is on the 'Historic Ships register' & further details can be found on the 'National Historic Ships UK' website as well as elsewhere on the 'net.

Sunday, 17 May 2020 - 13:25
Post 7014
  Sea News, Dover

There has been some staggeringly good visibility this week. The picture above shows it up well...as we see the Varne Lightship mid channel and of course Boulogne providing a magnificent backdrop with the stunning Cathedral on the hill there in a starring role...
Have a few more of these pix in the files, will aim to show them this week..

Had a great tip off yesterday from our roving 'inshore correspondent' who spotted that 'diveboat' Eagle was just off the Dover 9 berth with new-on-the-scene support tug TTMS Viking... Mike tells me that one of the P&O Spirits had lost an anchor down there in the deep during the recent tempestuous weather and divers were going down in an all-round effort to retrieve it...

Pictures below here...we're shooting into the light so a wee bit forced...but hopefully all can see the divers etc...
and indeed their dive suits drying on the handrail...
Many thanks to Mike for the info here...

The Eagle and the Viking.

ps: Dover 9 is back in use now, so at a guess, they must have found what they were looking for...
update: a reliable source has told us that the anchor has not been recovered

Sunday, 17 May 2020 - 07:21
Post 7013
  Sea News, Dover

Some pictures above there of Panda arriving once again...she was destined for the Cargo Terminal WD5. Just catching up here as the pictures are from Tuesday morning...and a nice morning it was too, as you can see. In shot 3 above there it almost looks like she is giving a lift to the returning pilot launch which had just seen off another vessel..'The Panda carries The Pilot'


Saturday, 16 May 2020 - 06:52
Post 7012
  Sea News, Dover

Directly from the Port...

COVID-19 Coronavirus forces cancellation of 2020 Port of Dover Community Regatta

After much discussion, waiting and hoping, the decision has reluctantly been taken to cancel this year’s Port of Dover Community Regatta.

In line with so many other major public events due to take place this summer, the absolute priority has been on the health and safety of all those who come together to make the Regatta happen and those who come to enjoy it – our local community, port community, stallholders, exhibitors, entertainers and visitors.

Barbara Buczek, Chief Commercial Officer, Port of Dover said:

"We look forward each year to organising the Port of Dover Community Regatta, which sees around ten thousand people packing our seafront. It takes months of planning and under the current circumstances, with the clear and continuing need to maintain social distancing, we must follow the only sensible path other large scale events have been taking, and that is to cancel. We are grateful to everyone who has helped make it such a popular event over the last few years and look forward to welcoming many more people in the years ahead when we are past the current situation.

For now, we must uphold our social responsibility to support the nation’s focus on tackling the spread of COVID-19 whilst also ensuring our core port operations can continue to bring in the food, medicine and other essential resources our country needs."

The Port of Dover Community Regatta was due to take place on Sunday 9th August 2020.


* *

Obviously very sad news above there...but I guess inevitable in these difficult times.
Always an enjoyable and hugely attended event.

Many thanks to the team at the Port for the info....

* *

And now just to catch up with the Yeoman Bank visit...in addition to the pictures currently at top of page.
Just some general round-up shots...the first one below, approaching the Port.. and then in sequence on from there....

And then she was gone..took yours truly by surprise, hadn't expected such a swift departure, no hanging about for Yeoman Bank

Leaving behind a very large deposit of general aggregate...ie sand/gravel..

The Clap for Carers last night...great response from everyone again ..Smiley

Cracking pictures below there Patrick...very enjoyable once again..well done with those Smiley


Friday, 15 May 2020 - 06:46
Post 7011
  Patrick, Marine Parade
A wonderful thing about the lockdown - you eventually get to appreciate being able to get out, take in some fresh air, and look at some great views.

Thursday, 14 May 2020 - 22:27
Post 7010
  Sea News, Dover
Here we see regular visitor Pacific Reefer moving away on a pleasant Tuesday morning … heading to Vlissingen. Time of first shot 08.33. Pilot boat in attendance as you can see...
Pacific Reefer on clear bright day in the Channel...

Will just include this extra shot from the day before and we see her semi-approaching the Port. Very windy at the time...a stiff and strong north-easterly whipping through...

Nice interesting collection below there Mike...well done getting those...Smiley

Big thanks Vic - glad you are still enjoying all the pictures..lots more coming..Smiley

Thanks as ever Del...keep enjoying..Smiley


Thursday, 14 May 2020 - 07:19
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