Wednesday, 19 January 2022
Sea Pictures from DOVER ....
The view from Dover Seafront...
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Following along from yesterday's picture you can see the changes here in this latest shot....

Border Force Hurricane ; The picture above shows the ever busy Border Force Hurricane approaching the Port of Dover roughly a couple of weeks ago. Its a frantically busy vessel, you can see her everyday, coping with the daily surge in non-stop arrivals. We mention the fact that the pic is about 2 weeks old because the Hurricane has had some additions strapped to her 'chassis' that quite change/ruin the look... but of course she is a working tool and no doubt meeting the needs of the daily grind...will have another pic shortly showing the changes.

BORDER FORCE: The Border Force jet skis about to come ashore here on Dover Seafront after another gruelling and exhausting stint out there in the Channel. Several hundred migrants made the hugely risky crossing in the past few days in multiple small craft, which of course kept the Border Force very busy....long distance pix of the jet skis below as they go out to face another day.

Following on from Thursdays pic of the Border Force team, a very similar one now from Friday morning. Apologies as once again the picture is long range and quality not great. This time, as yesterday, Seeker leads the drive with the additional support this time of Hunter following immediately behind, while we have two jet skis this time. Many migrants crossed over again yesterday with one dinghy sinking. All except one unfortunate individual were rescued. Always sad to see a loss of life...
We will have closer pix of the Border Force jet skis next...

Border Force going out in .. ermmm force ..on thursday morning January 13.
Yes that's their ever busy vessel Seeker and this time accompanied by three jet skis. Visibility wasn't hugely clear earlier so picture not great, but even though not clear we are presuming these are the much talked about and even controversial jet skis. Another day on the frantic frontline for the Border Force.. as you would expect! Further out, just out of shot was yes indeed another very busy day out there.... Seeker just catching the rising sun there...

As promised there we are with the extra picture of Alert above, not taken at the same time as the one below, but during the same long day...

Pictured above is the Trinity House Vessel Alert, she lingered in the harbour for quite a time on New Years Day....always a pleasure. Behind her you can just make out a sky full of birds, while the P&O ferry, the Spirit of France, enters Port behind her through the western entrance.... we will have another pic of Alert following soon, as soon as we sort the gubbins out...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL - Let's hope we have a better 2022.
They say that December had one of the lowest levels of sunlight ever...well here we are with counterbalance, we bring you one of those rare December moments....blistering sunlight across the Channel.

Okay we said, let's go mad and zoom into the sun...and so we did...

We thought initially that this pic above showed the monument on Cap Gris Nez, but on ermmm reflection ( ! ) that may well be a tv mast further along the French Cliffs. Its a while since we've been down there with our camera thanks to the ever lingering Covid. Someone has that's a bog standard shot, just zoomed in and cropped a tad. The bird flew into it by sheer fluke.


The picture above shows a section of the huge 3 hour queue waiting to get to France on Friday night 17th Dec around 8pm. The mad rush was an effort by tourists to beat France's Omicron deadline and cut-off point at 11pm. After that cut off point...a myriad of tests and regulations were due to kick into play in an effort to beat the worrying wave of Omicron. However, 11pm came and went but the massive queue went on all through the night.
Remembering previous years, well it looks like another Christmas travelling shambles...

Stormy Weather

Proof that the ferries keep running in all weathers, we hardly spotted the DFDS ferry (near bottom left) under the recent gigantic and hugely menacing sky...

Tugs GT Victory and our own Dauntless guiding a huge barge into the Port of Dover at the onset of the recent very rough weather. As you can guess the intention being to avoid the worst of it ...captured just at the mouth of the harbour in the pic above.. you can just see the tow rope there.... tough job...

Storm Barra gloomily moving away from Dover after giving us a rough oul time....Bye Bye Barra...dont rush back!
Much nicer picture below of the 'calm' before ...

Calm Sea Big Sky...The English Channel: yes this is the calm before the storm...this time we have Storm Barra approaching fast as we write, but for a delightful while all was calm above. Storm Arwen didn't have too much of an impact down here in the deep south but perhaps we wont be so lucky this time. Hold on to your hat....
Latest: the hat was well held on to and needed to was rough! Picture to follow.....

Border Force

Border Force Poster: We just want to acknowledge the great work the Border Force do out there in the channel day after day, saving lives alongside the Lifeboat in many cases and in immensely difficult conditions...and indeed the conditions are atrocious at times...keep going Border Force..

Dungeness Lifeboat

The picture above was taken roughly a year ago and as you can see from the recent pictures just below...nothing much has changed in that year, while the politicians fluff and bluster..."there is no silver bullet" they drearily cry...
Might be time to manufacture that silver bullet.
That's the Dungeness Lifeboat featured above coming into Dover Harbour.

Media Teams

The worlds media descended in full to cover the shocking and awful tragedy, that's just a small selection above there...we believe that's Lewis Goodall from BBC's Newsnight nearer camera with Sky News further along. Huge media coverage should put pressure on politicians to come up with a workable solution...we live in hope...

Channel Tragedy
NOV 25: We were very sorry to hear of the tragic and shocking loss of life last night in the Channel. A migrant dinghy heading to the UK with many people onboard sank off Calais. Latest revised figures say 27 were lost. Absolutely awful news and sad to say somewhat inevitable, as those small boats are at most times heavily overloaded and clearly not fit for purpose. Meanwhile the politicians flounder, seemingly unable to help ease this ongoing situation...

Dover Lifeboat - in dependable swift action during the Channel migrant crisis..
Below we see the RNLI Lifeboat bringing migrants safely to the Kent Coast. Their destination... Dover

Dover Lifeboat


Yes as we said, frantically busy out there this week in the gentle weather with migrant numbers up to record levels...the pictures above were taken on Tuesday Nov 16 and show Dover Lifeboat just about to enter the Port here in Dover and looking pretty packed out as you can see...


Tuesday: like many other recent days it has been frantic out there today Nov 16, both Lifeboat and Border Force in near constant action in the soft weather with many dinghies being towed in and of course many migrants brought ashore, we will have more pictures in due course. The two above are recent pictures of the whirlwind Border Force Hurricane ...constantly busy....

Ahhh its a beautiful very recent November sunrise and gazing across we see the early DFDS ferry approaching the Port of Dover under a dazzling sky... makes you want to hop on a ferry doesn't it.... and enjoy some of that French wine..

Later in the day we see Dover as the sun sets, looking just away from the Port ...

Dover Sunset

The pictures today make a colourful change after the recent ultra grey pix below.

In the same rough choppy weather the hard working pilot goes out to meet the approaching vessel DC Vlaanderen 3000, the Dutch hopper dredger, which came into port recently for a brief stay ..... "fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy ride" ...

In the recent rough weather the glorious sea fessed up lots of dodgy debris, as ever one hopes its just seaweed or variations of, and yes there was lots of it. As you can see it doesn't look entirely seaweed, but however...we take it for granted as part of the inevitable gurgitation following rough weather. Worth a picture or two...yes...but in the time it took to fetch the camera, Gadzooks! a flag had arrived on the gurgitation. Gobsmacked ! ..and here we are..

All flagged up...but how?

* *

An extra unscheduled picture here just to round off the sequence. We aimed to capture both the Border Force vessel and the Lifeboat in this shot but the Breakwater Harbour Wall came between us..... it ended all too soon! ...
(Coming next we show what dredged up in the recent rough weather..)

Dover Lifeboat and HMC Valiant. The Border Force Rib featured below was working from Valiant ....

Border Force
Border Force Rib in action....
Dover Lifeboat
Following along from the main shot immediately below, above we have two extra pix, one taken of the Border Force rib moments earlier as it sped across the harbour with dinghy in tow...and the other shot shows the Lifeboat...Dover Lifeboat...carrying on from the moment shown below and exiting the harbour, heading off into choppy seas on another vital mission...

Dover Lifeboat and Border Force: 'Ships that pass in the Night'...well not quite, but these two were going at pace in opposite directions. The Lifeboat heading out to sea on another noble rescue mission and the Border Force rib powering towards the inner harbour. Border Force were towing in yet another can just see the tow rope there, just see it... have another two pictures to add to this sequence coming soon ...bear with, behind schedule...

* *

Another pic taken earlier in the week below... just before the wild and woolly weather set in...
its been rough but here we are with a little alternative tranquility as we catch the early sunrise seagull
....... pic from a few days ago.



Leaving behind the continuous rough weather for the moment to show a pic from earlier this week of a gentle evening in the Port. The picture looks away from the sinking sun behind us and captures the colourful clouds over the English Channel, over France. The general cargo ship in view there is the Mel Vision which left the Port on Friday 29th after a long stint. This is another experimental i-phone picture.....

Giant P&O cruise ship Iona moving on down the Channel on Wednesday Oct 27 in the rough gloomy murky conditions...she was heading for Le Havre after departing Rotterdam earlier. We say giant...almost 185,000 tons of her we understand. Conditions were horrible otherwise she would have cut a dashing image for sure. You can see the DFDS ferry in the foreground having a rough oul time of it heading for Dover...we believe the ferry to be the Dunkerque Seaways .... rough oul pictures too....

P&O Cruise ship Iona passing Dover...
"Ask not for whom the bell tolls..."

P&O Cruise ship Iona passing through...

Recent picture of the elegant yachts out there in the harbour....great to see them out there once more. They haven't been doing their regular dashing photogenic display for quite some time, no doubt the pandemic knocked it on the head, as it did with everything else. Nice to see normal life coming least for now anyway. The lead yacht there is named RUSH.....

The Border Force vessels operating in Dover...

HMC Seeker
HMC Vigilant
HMC Searcher
HMC Valiant

AS a counterpoint to the pictures of the migrant dinghy below, above there we show the Border Force teams trying to stem the migrant flow across the English the politicians fluff and bluff and get nowhere. We show quite a collection above there. The top two shots taken in the past week or two, the bottom two shots are recent-ish pictures.... there are also smaller boats in daily operation...

Extra pic here now in direct relation to the incident below...
the BBC are reporting that we've had 800 migrants crossing over in the past three days....

Migrant Crossings: On monday morning October 18, in the exact same place we saw the Land Rover crossing attempt the previous day (see below)...the small dinghy pictured here came into view, it was packed with migrants as you can see, after what must have been a very risky crossing in the conditions. Fortunately, it looked like everyone was safe which was good to see. How the small craft got all the way into the harbour without being spotted by the busy patrol boats out there is baffling, nay amazing!...but there we are. Pix following ...

in due course they were met by the harbour patrol boat and towed to the inner port area, can just see the tow rope there.

* *

Following along from Mike's Saturday picture below, we can see the Land Rover team above on Sunday morning Oct 17 at 09.45 as they attempt the channel crossing. The pictures show them at the mouth of the harbour, western exit.. Unfortunately conditions were quite rough/choppy so it looks like the team called a suspension to their plan of crossing over. Yours truly had an appointment elsewhere at that point so not entirely sure of further developments. But we will keep an eye....

Picture by Mike Jackson

Mike caught the kerfuffle on the slipway yesterday afternoon (Sat 16 Oct) when a Land Rover went for a chug round the bay, escorted by the HPL. This in preparation for a round trip to Calais on Sunday by two of them, supposedly 'sailing' 0900.

Eventual aim is UK to USA via Europe & Russia, crossing Dover & Bering Straits.

Recent-ish shot of the tugs Doughty and Dauntless as they wait to leap into latest action..

As mentioned of the Almar departure for Riga on October 13
Here we go..

Almar leaves - in dazzling sunlight.

Just to co-incide with our latest pictures uploaded yesterday (Oct 13), a short time later Almar left the Port heading for Riga in Latvia....after a long stay....We will have a pic or two shortly....

We're having a bit of a quiet period so it gives us a chance to have an extra pic or two of Almar, the biggest ship to call so far at the new terminal WD4. First shot shows Almar being met by the tug on her approach to the Port of Dover, this longer range pic is from her second arrival..

Almar - approaching.

The Gentle Evening...

Almar on a quiet gentle evening at the Port of Dover...we're experimenting with a mobile phone again here...


" Maud Maud glorious Maud
nothing quite like it for travelling abroad!"

I know I know.. need now to lie down in a darkened room...
Off she goes below on another long cruise of the Norwegian fjords

Hurtigruten Maud setting off for the Fjords a few days ago ....on October 6 in fact.

Eye of the Wind, a brigantine rigged sailing ship built in 1911, seen here passing Dover on Wednesday October 6. The picture is very long range unfortunately, a technical issue prevented a closer effort, but always great to see such an exciting ship whether near or far. Thanks to Mike J for the tip off, Mike let us know that she was approaching....and here she be....

Eye of the Wind
....more sailing ships below...

Some more pictures now of the ALMAR arrival on October 5 ...


ALMAR: We had some fiercely wild weather over the past couple of days...torrential rain at times, strong winds, but Almar picked a nice tranquil period with added sunshine to re-arrive in Port on October 5 ... and that always helps with the photos. She had been here in Port recently for an extended period, delivering steel we understand. She is the biggest ship to grace new pier WD4. Time of shot 4.04 pm.

Queen Galadriel gently sailing by Dover.
....our final shot of the Queen for now but we hope to see her again soon.
More pix just below....

Sun Rising over Dover 7 ....

September sizzled out in fine style with a dazzling sunrise across the Port of Dover. At first glance above you think the great orb is just popping up over the grey sea, but no, the sea much further down in image, see left.
We will have the postponed picture of Queen Galadriel up next...the final shot of the Queen, for now anyway.

General cargo ship Wilson Limerick leaving new pier WD4 recently. One of very many cargo ships now frequenting. You can see ever busy tug Doughty giving her a helping hand there as she departs. We cant cover all the cargo vessels coming but we will definitely add some as we go along ....
..... our rhythm was disrupted by the disrupters in recent days...

Insulate Britain: Shutting down the Port of Dover... cant get in, cant get out ....
You can see the demonstrators there sitting in front of the trucks, nobody is going anywhere..

Insulate Britain demonstrate their Green credentials by blocking the approaches/exits etc to the Port of Dover last Friday the 24 September. The pictures above show an extra flying demo a bit later in the morning, we know this first hand as the Sea News 'production team' had already been held up earlier for 2 hours in another 'flying picket' ... yes we want to be Greener for sure, and yes this kind of demo gets attention but its the wrong kind of attention, as it annoys everybody... people spitting feathers...

The conversation...

We've had to hold back an extra picture of Queen Galadriel.

Another pic of the ever splendid Queen Galadriel...

The delightful Queen Galadriel, a classic Baltic Trader, seen here passing the Port of Dover a few days fact on Sept 18. Great to see the magnificent Queen and although it was gloomy we were reasonably lucky with the pictures, we will have more following along in due course.

* *

Hurtigruten Maud set off on her inaugural voyage from Dover last evening (22nd). The tug did the traditional spraying. Unfortunately viewing from the landward side (and of course most people are watching from there/here) it didn't work .. the tug was hidden from view and all you could see was a jet of water shooting skyward from the middle of the ship...looked like it had one helluva leaky no pictures. We of course naturally enough, recommend henceforth that the tug sprays from the landward side....
She left through the eastern exit...

Earlier pictures below...
Maud is on a 14 day trip to the Norwegian Fjords
Up next we will have pictures of the Queen Galadriel.

The Spirit of Adventure

The Spirit of Adventure arriving at the Port of Dover a few days ago...September 20 in fact. Conditions were a tad murkier than shown so we gave the situation a bit of a boost..... she was off later the same day, as per usual, on an exciting tour of the Baltic...Copenhagen Stockholm Helsinki etc etc....sounds very good...

Some more pictures from Friday the 17th again now. Above we see Celebrity Silhouette setting off on her latest cruise on Friday evening, we believe its a 'Round Britain' kind of cruise. In the shot above you can see the odd vision of the pilot boat coming inwards to meet the great and giant ship...unusual, we guess its a busy time ...while the rowers happily power on in fine style in the foreground ...

Another pic just below of Hurtigruten Maud's arrival...full unobstructed view of the expedition cruise ship this time. Maud is still in Port as we write...


When Little met Large.....

Yes the delightfully small expedition ship Hurtigruten Maud comes in close to the giant Celebrity Silhouette in Dover early this morning ( very early 6.25am ! ) Friday the 17th Sept. Great to different but both considerable beauties in their own way....

Extra one now... unusual angle with plenty of intermediary cranes..

Border Force Vigilant

Border Force again.... We featured the Border Force cutter HMC Seeker a few days ago...just below, now we see HMC Vigilant above, also in the thick of the recent patrolling action.... trying to show her here, with the wider angle, the ever wider search task... very often its like looking for a needle in a haystack.
We will have more pictures of Vigilant shortly.

Premier Inn, Dover Seafront...

The Premier Inn : The picture above there shows the Premier Inn on Dover Seafront at the weekend. As you can see the general populace has clearly embraced the idea of the...'Staycation'. The hotel was very busy and doing rather well. Great to see in these new and strange times (albeit a bit less strange than previously endured), while the Port in the distance, just out of shot, showed no cars at all as we took this picture. Travel abroad seems to have fallen off that proverbial cliff.
The trucks however, thankfully, hopefully, continue to plough onwards ...

Premier Inn again... but for the feathered variety..

The roof of the Premier Inn this time. And we see a sweltering young seagull trying to get a wee bit of shade by cuddling in ultra close to the vent pole thingy... hard to believe but yes we did get a warm day or two...

Border Force HMC Seeker : The picture above was taken just prior to the following picture sequence below....

Interesting to note ...according to the Daily Mail, our somewhat overwhelmed Home Secretary (Priti Patel) is planning to replace these old cutters with a new fleet at massive expense. this just a beleaguered politician thrashing about? The Royal Navy itself patrolled the Channel a year or two back...what difference did that make! The costs for that particular episode became way too prohibitive...

Border Force: HMC SEEKER just outside the Port of Dover...

Border Force : The pictures above were taken on Monday evening Sept 6 at 6pm approx ...they show Border Force with their ever busy vessel HMC Seeker returning to the Port of Dover once again following a patrol in the English Channel. As you can see, Seeker is bringing in 2 dinghys, one either side of vessel, and of course their migrant occupants. The pictures are not the best quality...over-zoomed and longer range but hopefully they at least show something of the gritty life in the Border Force/Migrant fast lane.... since the return of good weather, migrant numbers have surged once again... (Update: 785 people arrived on the aforementioned Monday in 27 boats)

Can you guess what ship is showing this exciting new addition ?
Yes that magnificently colourful flag/electronic screen is all new.......
...well it certainly wasn't visible on our previous pictures so we're putting two and two together...
yes its the top deck of the no tut tut! ....of course yes... the Marella Explorer...

The Marella Explorer exiting the Port of Dover a few days ago... off to cruise the Irish Sea we understand.

Clock Tower Square

Enjoying the Marina Curve and Clock Tower Square: Yes its refreshingly enjoyable along the all new Clock Tower Square and Marina Curve. The views are stunning as you can see. A simple picture above there taken this week on a mobile phone but you get the drift. The cafe there is called...wait for it....The Cafe on the there you are.
Morning Pic..taken 10.35am.


The Port of Dover is delighted to have been shortlisted for two accolades by Logistics UK's flagship Logistics Awards.

Shortlisted in the ‘Outstanding response to COVID’ and ‘Water Business of the Year’ categories, the Port was recognised particularly for its work – together with its ferry operator, sister port and government agency partners – before and throughout Christmas to get stranded drivers home when the French border closed due to COVID concerns.

The situation happened just as the Port was also preparing to deal with the end of the Transition Period, with significant national and international attention already on Dover.

Sarah West, Chief Operations Officer, Port of Dover, said:
“The Port recognised how crucial it was that essential goods continued to flow as they have done via Dover throughout the pandemic, but also that the people who deliver them to the UK’s consumers and businesses were desperate to get back home to be with their families. I am thrilled that the UK’s logistics industry has acknowledged that work and am proud of everyone here who made it happen.”

Doug Bannister, Chief Executive, Port of Dover, said:
“Everyone saw the unrivalled speed and scale of response and the inbuilt resilience that exists at Dover in action, made possible by an operation maximising Dover’s geographic advantage as the shortest crossing to Europe. As clearly demonstrated by the arrival of new ferry operators and new ships, there is renewed market confidence that Dover can still be relied upon as the quickest, most efficient trade route to the UK’s largest single trading partner as we continue to support the economy through Covid and beyond Brexit.”

Remembering what it was like with this picture below...nightmare........

Haulage Christmas Chaos...
.... but somehow over the Christmas period it was a sterling, now recognised, effort.

ADDED info re PICTURE: For those unfamiliar with the locale... a brief explanation. The right side there of the dual carriageway, the section nearest the camera, is for traffic coming towards us...coming thisaway. But in the mad panic, the mad urge to get home for Christmas, drivers lunged towards the Port gates using every space available ...including the wrong side of the dual carriageway. Chaos reigned. Top right of picture shows two vehicles trying to use the carriageway in normal mode, but suddenly finding themselves blocked with nowhere to go...cant go forward, cant go back...

Dover Lifeboat

Dover Lifeboat ( looks like a relief Lifeboat ) powering back to Port a few days ago in fresh seas. The Lifeboat has been seriously active in the current crises situation with the migrant crossings, and as ever doing a sterling job to save lives, to keep people as safe as possible. The number of migrant boats crossing-over continues to increase with record numbers attempting the journey... but of course the Lifeboat handles all the usual general callouts as well...busy times.. long range shots there...

Hebridean Princess..

Hebridean Princess: We almost overlooked these pictures of the Hebridean in the files but thought them worth including even though its somewhat late in the day..... taken on the same Sunday evening as the ones a tad further below (Aug 22)...
....we have some long range pictures of the ever busy Lifeboat scheduled next...

Hebridean Princess

As promised...some pictures now of the hopper dredger from the Netherlands...Spauwer...entering the Port here....

Yes some pictures there of Spauwer entering the Port of Dover a few days impressive and striking vessel with the deck looking ( to the landlubbers here! ) like a masterstroke of technical advancement...pictured a few days ago, date to follow... ah, its the 19th August, so a bit further back than first mentioned. Very busy days at the Port again...

Hebridean Princess

The small but beautifully packaged Hebridean Princess above, pictures taken just after she left the Port of Dover on Sunday (Aug 22) evening around 5.45PM. She was heading for Eastbourne in fine elegant style. For some reason (in the second pic) we have this habit of wanting to show the returning pilot boat, and there we are again...... we may also have another shot in due course...

We also have some pix of the Spauwer waiting in the much to do, so little time...

Fred.Olsen's Bolette (just below: added tug spray pic)
Bolette - in the blink of an eye she was off again on cruise number two, this latest picture above shows Bolette on Thursday evening moving away from the Port of Dover.... on a five day trip to enjoy the scenic British it says here...

Tug Spraying : there has been much demand lately for the tug to do its subsidiary spraying for glory, spraying for the joyous return to real life... and of course spraying for the joyous return of the active cruise ship......

* *

The maiden voyage is over...Bolette has returned, rejoining us here in Dover in the wee small hours of the morning (Thursday Aug 19). It was a short cruise but we bet it was enjoyable on another cruise now..

Have just added this extra picture below of Bolette at departure a few days ago...we wanted to show if possible some of the daylight sparklers that were set off on departure. The picture needed a bit of work, hard to capture the flashes in daylight, but here we can just about see it.... great fun...

Bolette and the flashes...

* *

Bolette - Maiden Voyage

Some pictures above there of Fred. Olsen's Bolette setting off on her maiden voyage on Monday evening 6pm from the Port of Dover. A crackling of sparkling fireworks and the jet-spraying tug sent the excited voyagers on their way...and there they go above...

The inaugural cruise will offer scenic sailing of the Isles of Scilly’s 140 islets, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the dramatic coastlines of the Channel Islands, on this exciting maiden cruise.

Sonia Limbrick, Head of Cruise at the Port of Dover said:

“We have shared some special moments with Fred. Olsen, and are so happy to be celebrating with them again here on another milestone day for Bolette’s Maiden Voyage.

“We are delighted that Fred. Olsen have chosen us as the homeport for their beautiful new flagship vessel, and we look forward to our excellent relationship with them reaching new heights as Bolette begins her exciting new adventures from Dover.”

For Fred. Olsen

Peter Deer, Managing Director for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said:

“Today is a very important day for us, as we introduce our new flagship, Bolette, to the world. The team on board has worked incredibly hard to add our own Fred. Olsen touches to the ship, with every element designed with the elegance and attention to detail that we are so well known for".

Captain Mikael Degerlund, who will be sailing Bolette for her Maiden Voyage, said:

“It is a huge honour to Captain Bolette for her Maiden Voyage, and I look forward to many happy sailings aboard our new flagship in the future.”

Gallant: Another one above of the elegant Gallant galloping by...

Gallant: Zooming in on Gallant as she passes by...

Gallant under full sail: Yes Gallant or De Gallant sailing by the Port of Dover a few days ago and looking magnificent on a nice sea blue sky.... We have been using her as our loved logo for years, see base of page. She looks great under full sail so it was an extra delight to see her once again...

And looking at Gallant above, we cant resist adding this further one of the Golden Horizon...
"all I ask is a tall ship..."

Golden Horizon
We're keeping those artists in the dungeon busy...

Fireworks for the new DFDS ferry...Cote d'Opale The fireworks were thoroughly enjoyed by the crowds lining the seafront here in Dover. When the colourful spectacular finished, spontaneous applause broke out...always a good sign for sure... more below..

After the dramatic burst of colour as seen in the shot below, we are left with the equally dramatic smoke above....
......this is called..."smokin' it"... !

Fireworks for new DFDS ferry Cote d'Opale: A super fireworks display took place Wednesday night (Aug 4) to welcome the new ferry into service. She arrived into the western entrance about 10.20 pm and was greeted by thunderous and explosive fireworks on a grand and very colourful scale. Lovely stuff!
The seafront was enthusiastically packed...nary a parking spot to be had...

We might have a picture in due course but as you know....fireworks tricky..
...there we are above. We managed to get one.
Time of pic above 22.26 Wed night ..
the arrival at the Port of Dover of the DFDS Cote d'Opale.

The long low lines of the all-new Cote d'Opale below...

Cote d'Opale (another pic further down page.)

Some grey-ish pictures above there of a monster drilling rig as she was being towed down the Channel a few days ago (Aug 1)...presumably, as has happened so often before, the huge beast was heading for the breakers yard.. Now...there was no name on AIS unfortunately, so we just have to accept it as a very large, very striking, drilling platform. One of the DFDS ferries rounds her on the way towards Dover...shows the scale. The second shot there was a tiny tad earlier...Atlantic Reefer had arrived and briefly obscured our viewing path...the cheek of it...!

Rough Weather

July finished with some rough oul weather as you can see above. The two ferries showing above have just left the Port of Dover and are in the early stages of battling their way to France in some fierce wind. The ferries: the DFDS Dover Seaways and the P&O Spirit of France..
"Return the full English to the kitchen..its going to be a bumpy ride"

Golden Horizon

Golden Horizon : ...coming and going...Yes the final pix of Golden least for now as according to the recent press release (see further below) this is her final call here at the current time, and over this visitation period it was hugely enjoyable to see such a striking ship. These latest pictures were taken on Saturday July 31. Top shot shows her evening departure with the returning pilot in the foreground.

The early picture below is a wee bit forced..difficult shot into the golden light at arrival time 06.20...far too early for either man or beast..never mind the old Nikon.

Odd even bizarre picture above there of Fred Olsen cruise ship Bolette. Taken as she arrived on a dark damp Thursday night...the pixels seemed to disintegrate but in ermmm...flamboyant style ... see also immediately below.

Marella Explorer

Marella Explorer was back with us again on Thursday.
Also late on Thursday night the new Fred Olsen cruise ship Bolette came fanfare, just an arrival on a dark and gloomy night. We tried some night shots but it was a very dark night, despite being only 9.30pm, will see if we can save and show one of the gloomy night pictures.

Also today Saturday 31 July just arrived at 06.30 we have the Golden Horizon once again...see below...
more pictures in due course.....
ps: Bolette still in Port as we speak..

Golden Horizon.....

The Golden Horizon once again above there, shown leaving the Port of Dover in elegant style. She will be back with us again in a day or two so the excitement of having the worlds tallest sailing ship continues. The pic above there is of course an 'artists impression'. We have two artists in is Lennie Vinci and the other one is of course Josh Re-nolds...they work hard but you know... they have a lot to learn..... !!

EXTRA Note : we are hearing we may have made that pic above a bit large for some setups. To see it full screen press F11 on your keyboard...then press F11 again to release image back to normal. Easy...

Port of Dover welcomes Anglo-French funding package to tackle migrant crossings

As the port where many of the migrants attempting to cross the Channel are brought to by Border Force, the Port of Dover welcomes the additional funding pledged by the UK Government as a positive step forward. However, the Port insists that the UK Government must provide more direct financial support still urgently needed in Dover itself.

Border controls operate under the Treaty of Le Touquet, which enables UK border entry checks to be carried out in France and French border entry checks to be carried out in Dover.

The fundamental purpose of the treaty was to help enable illegal migrants to be intercepted while they were still in France and thus prevented from travelling to the UK. It has been a crucial part of cross-Channel border management for the past two decades. Since leaving the EU, these border checks have become lengthier and more intrusive.

In 2019, the Port finalised its Outbound Controls Project, which would both double border control processing capacity and deliver a more effective ordering of those controls. By mitigating the impact of these lengthier checks and keeping traffic flowing, the project’s successful delivery would maintain the integrity of the Treaty of Le Touquet.

However, the Port of Dover still needs government funding to deliver the Outbound Control Project in order to support vital trade flows and a key market for international tourism when it returns. The Port therefore calls on the government to meet its obligations under the treaty to ensure that in addition to the supplementary funding that has just been announced, the main measure for border control between France and the key gateway port of Dover, and the necessary traffic fluidity for legitimate trade and tourism it should facilitate, continues to provide the intended benefits.


The ever busy Lifeboat above towing a dinghy into the Port of Dover a few days ago.....

Golden Horizon

Another impressive display of cruise ships at the Port of Dover Saturday 24 July..
three cruise ships in... Golden Horizon, Celebrity Silhouette, and the Spirit of Adventure ....
All arrived with us here under rumbling thundery skies....
See more pictures of these impressive cruise ships further below...
Exciting times....

Golden Horizon
The magnificent Golden Horizon had her inaugural voyage from Dover on the 19th July. Earlier in the day she was welcomed back into Port with tug-spraying excitement once again...we will have more photos...
.........also in Port yesterday was the Marella Explorer..

The all-new DFDS ferry Cote D'Opale made a brief visit to the Port last week July she is below. No fanfare that we could see, so presumably she was just carrying out early berthing trials etc ... what with the new Irish Ferry and the new DFDS ferry these are exciting times...or would be if we could actually go across without quarantine-ing.....etc etc...

Cote d'Opale

......As scheduled the striking Golden Horizon (see below) has just arrived back with us here this morning monday 19th .. as per schedule. We will have more pictures in due course. The Marella Explorer has also now just arrived.

Golden Horizon

The dashing Golden Horizon on her splendid way today after a brief but slight..ermmm... technical pause! Yes a slight delay but away she goes above there in fine style, having departed through the eastern exit Port of Dover at lunchtime July 16. But weep not!...because we will be seeing her again soon... as mentioned in the item immediately below.

Tradewind Voyages’ brand new vessel, Golden Horizon, sailed into Dover this morning (July 15); her chosen departure port for four new UK voyages throughout July. She arrives ready for a round-trip long weekend voyage, before returning to embark on her inaugural voyage from the Port on 19th July.

Golden Horizon is the world’s largest square-rigged sailing vessel and a near-replica of the 1913 built France II.

Sonia Limbrick, Head of Cruise at the Port of Dover said:

“We offer a very warm welcome to the beautiful Golden Horizon here in Dover today, what an extraordinary ship she is! I hope our local community makes the most of the rare opportunity to see her before she departs for four cruises throughout July.

I’m really pleased to see the cruise season back in full swing again; it’s exciting to see another new cruise line at the Port today, both for the first time in Dover and as she prepares to embark on her first ever voyages.”

Today marks the third passenger cruise call in just under three weeks to depart from the Port of Dover since its cruise season re-launch on 26th June. After today, Golden Horizon will depart Dover on 19th July, 24th July and 31st July.


Many thanks to Port of Dover media team once again for the release above ....
......... and to Dover Strait Shipping for the picture...

Celebrity Silhouette - on her way...

A final two pictures above there of the magnificent Celebrity Silhouette. We have probably overdone it a tad with the amount of pictures showing the Silhouette but it is such a joy to see cruise ships coming here to Dover once again...particularly one as special as the ever stunning Celebrity Silhouette....we catch her above there heading away... bon voyage...

Note: We have had another cruise ship...Spirit of Adventure .. pictures soon...

Celebrity Silhouette at Dover
Celebrity Silhouette - the pilot returns....

The magnificent giant Celebrity Silhouette exiting the Port of Dover on July 4th ... you can see the immense size there as she 'squeezes out' of the Port's western exit. Below, its a short while later, and we see the pilot returning to base...

Celebrity Silhouette
Celebrity Silhouette

The stunning 122,000 ton plus Celebrity Silhouette leaving the Port of Dover on Sunday evening July 4...another magnificent ship....and another one receiving Dover's spectacular and striking tug-spraying display.....

Sonia Limbrick, Head of Cruise at the Port of Dover, said:

“It’s great to see the excitement for Dover cruise return so quickly only a week after we welcomed Marella Explorer, our first passenger call since the pandemic. I have no doubt that the cruising buzz will be in full swing again soon.

It was wonderful to see Celebrity Silhouette in Dover again on Sunday 4th July. "

We will have more pictures soon too..... and there we are.

The Departing Disney Magic ....

The Disney Magic left the Port of Dover on Saturday (July 3) after a year long stay, or more, due to the ghastly pandemic. However even misery occasionally has a good side, and the good side on this occasion was the extended stay of the magical Disney Magic. She left midst an impressive tug spraying celebration, all the while playing her theme song 'when you wish upon a star' and doing a full 360 degree turn in the harbour right in front of us here....
......'twas a fond farewell.

The Departing Disney Magic.......

Sailing By..... keeping with our current 'sail' theme, this delightful sailing barge ambled by a few days ago (Not long after Europa below). A lovely sight. Unfortunately nothing was showing on the satellite system so we dont know what she was/is called....but she was so elegant through the gloom, and it was gloomy. But worth a shot or two and there she be....

The Disney Magic officially left the Port here yesterday Saturday July 3,
.... 'twas a grand send-off...will have pix soon...

Tall Ship - Europa

Well what can you say...while labour-intensively photographing hard working Dover tug Doughty as she brought in another cargo vessel...photographing through a long zoom lens with blinkered vision, didn't even notice the magnificent tall ship to the left...doh!! But as soon as the fabulous Europa was spotted with full sail...well, something of a re-focusing was called for, as you can see...

I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky
and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by...


.............. John Masefield.... remembering the school days there off top of head....

* *

Irish Ferries' Isle of Inishmore began services from Dover to Calais earlier this week June 29.
Best of Irish Luck to them - very welcome.
Pictures further below..... update: extra pic here now....

Isle of Inishmore

* *

Marina Curve Port of Dover

Some pictures above there of the new Marina Curve at the Port of Dover. The 'Curve' runs alongside the new Clock Tower Square (see further below) which in turn is alongside the new marina.... and right at the end of the Marina Curve, for now, is the magical Disney Magic. Note there is plenty of seating...see left side of pictures, excellent for those who want a leisurely relaxing look at the great views...

The Clock Tower by Night...

Clock Tower Square...once more above. This time from afar and looking across the water. Pictured at night as you can see. At the time of pic we were just about to be engulfed by a meandering the sirens wailed across the dark water.

The new Clock Tower Square is an exciting Port development open to all.
Dont miss the post immediately below.....

Clock Tower Square Opens.....

Monday June 7: The Port of Dover has today unveiled its latest outdoor recreational space overlooking the waterfront ....Clock Tower Square.

It is another major part of the Dover Western Docks Revival regeneration project to open to the public.

Located at the beginning of the Marina Curve with great views over the Harbour, the 1,000 sq metre (roughly a quarter of an acre) site combines fresh design features with artefacts from Dover’s inspirational history to create a contemporary site that’s perfect for relaxing and appreciating local culture.

Doug Bannister, Chief Executive of the Port of Dover said:

“Clock Tower Square is a destination for the future; it capitalises on Dover’s inspirational heritage and iconic scenery to form a modern outdoor community hub that’s rich in history.

With the new Marina Pier already open, the Marina Curve coming soon and our recent beach re-profiling work completed, we are pleased to be making more leisure space available to the public during a time when the outdoors has never been appreciated more”.

Dave Herrod, DWDR Programme Director added:

“We are proud to see Clock Tower Square opening today. After years of planning and construction, the new design perfectly combines sustainability with ecology, history and public engagement, creating a fantastic site that’s ready for future generations to enjoy.”

Clock Tower Square pays tribute to the previous Prince of Wales pier with original artefacts and plaques dating back over 100 years on display. Granite coping stones from the old quayside form new benches, lamp posts have been refurbished and the original paving has been re-laid to reflect the old Prince of Wales pier layout. The original gates have been reinstated and new public toilets are also now available.

Natalie Elphicke MP said:

“Clock Tower Square is a really great place for people to sit down, stroll and really enjoy the view across the Port. It’s a major investment by the Port of Dover for our community which will help to increase visitors and boost tourism. With the Council’s successful multi-million bid to improve the links between the town and the waterfront, this all looks set to come together to make Dover a great destination for people to come and see.”

Cllr Trevor Bartlett, Leader of Dover District Council, said:

“The opening of Clock Tower Square marks a key stage in the transformation of Dover Waterfront into a modern and vibrant public space. The Port worked closely with our heritage planners and I’m delighted to see the attention to detail on many of the heritage features retained and restored from the Prince of Wales Pier.

“With outstanding views of the busy harbour, Dover Castle and White Cliffs of Dover it will be another outdoor space that is much valued by the local community and visitors alike. I hope it will also stimulate more commercial investment on the waterfront.”


* *

Sea Pictures from DOVER ....

Sea News Dover:

Click on the 'Contributor Archive' LINK BELOW to see the archived pictures. All seven years of them. You will find the SEARCH ENGINE there and you can happily search for all sorts....

All pictures are the copyright of the owners and must not be reproduced without permission.

Editor : Paul Boland -

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Post 7102
  Sea News, Dover
The all new Clock Tower Square at the Port of Dover

Wednesday, 22 December 2021 - 07:52
Post 7096
  Sea News, Dover


* *

Majesty of the Seas departs...

Majesty of the Seas: We go back to Sunday evening now and the pictures above show Majesty of the Seas coming about after just having left the Cruise Terminal. Just out of shot to her right is the Disney Magic to give you an idea of her position. Just catching the late sunshine as she left...time of first pic 20.15

Then we see her below after leaving the Port via the eastern exit...catching the warm colour of the evening sun as she goes on her way.... and in the picture you can also see the returning pilot.

SmileyThanks Brian...yes Arcadia in Port and also now Empress of the Seas, and of course still here...Disney Magic.


Wednesday, 1 July 2020 - 05:18
Post 7095
  brian dixon, dover
according to the ais the arcadia is on its way to dover

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 - 14:36
Post 7094
  Sea News, Dover
As promised and following along from the previous post, some pictures now of Pacific Reefer leaving Port a few days ago...heading back to the Americas no doubt, on a fine fresh evening..
Here we are...
Pacific Reefer.

A picture below of Majesty of the Seas with tug...just readying for departure a couple of evenings ago. It was a fine colourful evening...lots of colour as she turned and came across the Port, will have pictures of that up next...all being well.
Also in shot of course, the Disney Magic.
You can see the people enjoying themselves on the new pier there,...surrounded by cruise ships.


Tuesday, 30 June 2020 - 06:06
Post 7093
  Sea News, Dover

A sequence there of the Pacific Reefer arriving with us again here in a murky-ish Dover a few days ago...on the 25th to be precise. She came into Port shortly after Majesty of the Seas attracting the same sort of dazzling light as seen in the post below number....7087....although a tad later and a tad murkier.
Have some nice pix of her leaving later that evening...will sort, a bit behind schedule here as you can see..

And now the latest piece from our MP Natalie Elphicke...

Dame Vera deserves special recognition


Dear Mr Boland,

Dame Vera Lynn celebrated our White Cliffs with her famous song for the fighting troops back in 1942. Following her death last week, I have called for Dame Vera herself to be celebrated here in White Cliffs country with a lasting memorial.

The Forces Sweetheart did much for our area. In her later years she played a critical part in our successful campaign to stop our Port from being sold off to the French or whoever. It was her support and visit that helped to boost our local campaign into a national issue. A lasting memorial would be a fitting way to recognise her special contribution and connection to our community.

A "Dame Vera Lynn" building, square, road, statue or other feature would be a welcome addition to the exciting local recovery plans for our area. I spoke about these plans in Parliament last week. We are an area that could see a jobs and business boost from Brexit â€" from the trade and customs opportunities as well as enhanced border controls. I am keen to see this work progress at pace so that we can make the best of the opportunities on offer.

Much progress has been made in recent years to reverse the decline of Dover’s town centre. Burlington House and the old multi-storey car park were torn down, a new shopping centre rising in their place. Ambitious plans that have been in development for the next stage of our town are now taking firmer shape â€" plans for a state-of-the-art aerial transport from the Port to the Castle, top class hotel, new marina, revamped Market Square and much more besides.

There is no doubt that the next period will be economically challenging following the pandemic, so getting pounds in our pocket right here and now will be critical. That’s why the Government has already changed planning and licensing rules to accommodate different ways for pubs and other businesses to operate as they are set to re-open within days, as well as given more than £21 million in cash grants directly to our local small businesses in recent weeks.

Millions of people pass through Dover in ordinary times. Our beaches and world class attractions are a big draw. We must work together over this next stage to find new and effective ways for people who want to earn money to do so. From wedding venues to days out to short breaks â€" we have so much to offer.

It’s why I welcome the decision by the district council to set up a £2.5 million town centre fund as part of the local recovery plan we have been working on recently. It is vital that we continue to support small businesses as much as possible.

This has been an incredibly difficult time. But if we get the recovery right, I believe our area can continue the progress we were making before the pandemic.

Let us emerge stronger than ever before, flying like bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover.



Monday, 29 June 2020 - 06:55
Post 7092
  Mike J., Dover

Departure of MAJESTY OF THE SEAS for the Solent, dusk Sunday.

Monday, 29 June 2020 - 04:49
Post 7091
  Sea News, Dover
Heatwave ...

Here we have a shot or two of the scorching seafront two days ago. All parking spaces were taken as the beach got busier and busier...well people have to go somewhere in the confused lockdown. Most of the time we dont know whether we are coming or going with the unclear messages from Downing St. As you can see, it was very busy in Dover...but its not quite Bournemouth though, where half a million people hit the blistering distancing went to hell in a handcart...

Picture two is more or less the same thing just zoomed in a bit...

Now...this guy below. Is it a Cormorant...??
well if it looks like a Cormorant, walks like a Cormorant, quacks like a Cormorant ( Cormorants dont quack !! doh! Smiley) then one supposes its a Cormorant.
However the colours look different. Several people were looking so it caught my attention.
Picture a bit forced as yours truly doesn't have the lens for wildlife.
The wet pebbles look good.

Mike's posts below... Smiley


Sunday, 28 June 2020 - 06:16
Post 7090
  Mike J., Dover

The TERRA MARIQUE remained on the DCT on Saturday with no transfers taking place due to high winds.

The forecast for Sunday is not encouraging with winds up to gale force expected at times.
Should be sunny though !

The MTS VICTORY made a brief visit to the Tug Haven during Saturday afternoon before returning to the TERRA MARIQUE.

Sunday, 28 June 2020 - 03:16
Post 7089
  Mike J., Dover

Impressive 'glint sequence from Paul of the recent arriival of the MAJESTY OF THE SEAS & also Friday's arrival from Portland of the MTS VICTORY towing the the very specialised heavy lift/RoRo barge TERRA MARIQUE who has visited Dover before.
Posts 3086 â€" 3092 â€" 3099.

Initially there was a pause as the little convoy waited off the Western Entrance while the pilot boat brought out the crew for the barge before entering via Western & crossing the bay & berthing the barge on the DCT berth.

The barge is here to transfer two large rubber-tyred mobile cranes from the DCT [the old reefer shed in the Eastern Docks] across the harbour to the Western Docks, probably to WD4 or WD5.

As the cranes were to be driven aboard the barge, which is self-propelled & has its own stern door & ramp so that she can load/unload from any suitable quay, timing is critical when the transfer takes place & this is usually done at high water when for a short period there is very little change in the water level.

About an hour before high water [1529] I was on the cliffs, just above the DCT on a very hot sunny afternoon.

Tha actual quayside was obscured by the DCT building but the barge was visible & I watched her come off the quay, under her own power, & manoeuvre herself until she was was stern-on & at right-angles to the quay.

Sid got in on the act of course.

It was then that I lost sight of the barge & Dover in general as the fog rolled in from the west & the temperature dropped like a stone & for the best part of an hour & I caught only glimpses of the barge..

During the fog the MTS VICTORY materialised & hung around nearby but her services were not needed.

The ferries kept coming & going of course & ships whistles could be heard booming out the murk from time to time altho’ DHB rarely use their own foghorns nowadays, a silence much appreciated by local residents.
There was a particularly irritating high pitched one which went off every ten seconds which is definitely not missed,

When the fog finally cleared & the sun was out again the larger of the two cranes could be seen looking as though it was ready to board the barge, but high water had passed & the water level was dropping again & about an hour after high water the barge was moved back alongside the DCT quay.

The non-loading may just have been tests before the actual transfers which looks unlikely at the moment [1000] as the wind has sprung up considerably from Friday’s ‘light airs’

TERRA MARIQUE is not transmitting on AIS this time but the MTS VICTORY is tied up on the DCT this morning, so unless anything happened during the night-time high tide the transfers are unlikely to have taken place yet.

Dunno whether both cranes will cross the harbour together or two trips will be needed.

An interesting operation.

Saturday, 27 June 2020 - 10:34
Post 7088
  Sea News, Dover
A sequence now of tug MTS Victory towing barge Terra Marique into Port yesterday...all happening in between flashing thunderstorms. We understand the barge will be used to carry cargo terminal cranes from one side of the Port to the other … we watch to see what happens... and now the pictures in sequence..

Arriving above there through the western entrance.... time of first pic 08.43..and heading to the Eastern Arm.
AIS is showing MTS Victory at the old cargo terminal.
Thanks to Mike for the info once again Smiley


Saturday, 27 June 2020 - 05:06
Post 7087
  Sea News, Dover
Gold morning. A couple of pictures now of the dazzlingly bright arrival of the Majesty of the Seas yesterday morning at sunrise.
Get your sunglasses now! Smiley
Yours truly was dazzlingly bedazzled as the ship approached out of the sun..difficult but we got we go...

Majesty of the Seas
We are looking across the top of the Cote des Dunes in top shot...those DFDS passengers have a cracking view.

Just need to catch up with these two pix of the Pacific Reefer taken a few days ago,
meant to post them yesterday but with one thing and another....
The reefer made a quick return to Port again yesterday ..will have more pictures...and went to the old cargo terminal again.
Pacific Reefer
Pacific Reefer

Nice collection below from Mike Smiley Didn't catch Santa Helena Mike...
Vic Smiley

ps: just had a gentle tinkle of "When you wish upon a star" from the Disney Magic, still just across from the 'observation tower'

Friday, 26 June 2020 - 07:30
Post 7086
  Mike J., Dover
MAJESTY OF THE SEAS on CT3 on Thursday evening after arriving at dawn from Southampton - she'll be in Dover for a couple of days.

Almost invisble at the RH end of the reefer shed you'll see the bridge pf the coaster SANTA HELENA 1 on WD5 who arrived Wednesday afternoon from Rotterdam to load grain.
Maybe Paul caught her arrival.
Post 5840.

Range safety vessel SMIT STOUR returning down the Wick Thursday dusk after a day patrolling Hythe & Lydd ranges.

The Range Safety craft used to roost in the Tug Haven but recently have been berthing amongst the Tidal Basin pontoons.
Post 6970

Friday, 26 June 2020 - 01:20
Post 7085
  matcham, DOVER (
Thank you, now that I have Mr Cooper as the press officer, it has moved, even all local press know and the D/Mail. Emails now sent to THE PM. Hope they take the story up now, would be great for our port and Dover.SmileySmiley

Thursday, 25 June 2020 - 09:36
Post 7084
  Sea News, Dover
Aurora and the Pilot

Some shots of the pilot leaving Aurora as the ship departed Dover on Tuesday evening. As Mike said she didn't stay long...the P&O cruise ships are very much just in and out now. Time of first picture above there ...18.20 ( twenty past six ) Conditions were very much mist and haze but bright. The ship dazzled...

Will just add this extra one below taken at the same time but no pilot this time.

Yes indeed Mike .. Majesty of the Seas has just returned this morning..a short while ago as I write...05.15 ish

Nice collection below from Mike. Very enjoyable pix there.. Smiley Love the one about the haircut.Smiley

Go for it Vic... SmileySmiley


Thursday, 25 June 2020 - 06:03
Post 7083
  Mike J., Dover

Western Docks 0730 Tuesday about an hour after the AURORA had
arrived from downchannel.
She didn't stay long & after taking bunkers from from the JAYNEE W sailed for Poole early evening.

i hear that the MAJESTY OF THE SEAS is expected back on Thursday.

Catch-up time -
4th.June caught the DAVID CHURCH backing up the Wick to start her day's work, looking all shiny & freshly-painted & mud-free after her refit in Hull - it won't last !

Faversham trawler CHARLIE BOY spent a few days in the Tidal Basin & was photted on 9th.June.

This view at the stern reminded me that I badly need a haircut - roll on July 4th..

Wednesday, 24 June 2020 - 02:41
Post 7082
  matcham, DOVER (
Thank you already a email has gone to our MP. Great weather to photo the port. We will get out soon again and see it all.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020 - 15:35
Post 7081
  Sea News, Dover

Last two pictures of the Pacific Worker above there, taken as she left the Port a few days ago...on...Saturday in fact at approximately 13:00 hours or 1pm if you prefer. She was indeed a striking visitor and very photogenic as you can see from the coverage all around us..

Very bright conditions in the pictures above, but not so below for the gloomy departure of Jaynee W a few days ago. This one almost slipped in and out of Port without yours truly spotting her at all, or indeed spotting as to what she was up to... I guess bunkering duties.. the computer was needed to stretch the potential of the pix below within inches of their life ( lives!)...they were very poor. Hopefully they are marginally better now...

SmileyYou mention two illustrious historical figures below there Vic...Winston Churchill and Walter Tull. Perhaps a letter from you to the 'powers that be' in Westminster might help bring about change. Thanks Vic.


Tuesday, 23 June 2020 - 05:38
Post 7080
  matcham, DOVER (
Bring him t0 Dover. The statue of Sir Winston Churchill should be taken down in Westminster and come to Dover overlooking the main sea port in the last war. A lot of his war plans were done in the castle and we would also look after it for everSmiley and he can be replaced in Westminster with the statue of Major Tull of the first world war, first black officer of the army. He was a very good officer and also a very good footballer please read his book.In doing this would help stop what is going on now.Smiley

Monday, 22 June 2020 - 10:02
Post 7079
  Sea News, Dover

As promised there we are above with a picture of the service held on the seafront to mark the death of the 58 Chinese migrants in the back of a lorry 20 years ago this week. A truly sad miserable incident from all those years ago. The service was carried out by the Bishop of Dover the Right Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin on Saturday morning. Also in the shot you can see white-haired Ben Bano who runs an immigrant support unit... not sure if Ben is still a Councillor…

The service was streamed online we understand.

Below we have a pic of the Pacific Worker leaving Port also on Saturday....we will in fact have another pic or two of the leaving moments to follow...

Nice collection below there from don't miss those Smiley

Monday, 22 June 2020 - 06:37
Post 7078
  Mike J., Dover

A hazy Sunday afternoon & the Panamanian reefer PACIFIC REEFER arrives from Paita, Peru & unusually docks at the old DCT, in Eastern Docks.

DOVER SEAWAYS discharging on No.3


Monday, 22 June 2020 - 01:55
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